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Visit the dedicated bot, hit the start button that calls to WhatsApp’s API, and you will land on the chat interface in the messaging app.

Are you tired of visiting the ChatGPT website again and again, and looking for a more convenient option? Then you will definitely like the idea of getting your queries resolved on whatsapp itself. ChatGPT is now accessible on your whatsapp as a Chatbot, read this article further to know how to use ChatGPT on Whatsapp.

ChatGPT on WhatsApp

4 Easy Ways to Use ChatGPT on WhatsApp

There are various methods to use ChatGPT on Whatsapp but the above listed methods are the most trusted and verified methods using which you can easily access ChatGPT on your Whatsapp without any threat to your privacy or data leak.

Method 1: Create a Whatsapp bot and connect it to ChatGPT

The first method by which you can get access to ChatGPT on whatsapp is by creating Whatsapp or ChatGPT API chatbots. This method requires you to know substantial details about APIs and Chatbots. You will have to register for the whatsapp business API and then create a flow utilizing a chat builder. After this step you can test the Chatbot and introduce the said Chatbot into your phone.

After putting the API Chatbot on your phone, half of the task is done. Next, you have to purchase an API key using your OpenAI account from the ‘Create a new secret key page’. The final step requires you to add the OpenAI secret key to Whatsapp Chatbot so that they can be integrated. Now, you have successfully integrated the ChatGPT with Whatsapp and you can enjoy the access to fulfill your requirements.

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Method 2: By setting your WhatsApp Number using a Python script and Launching ChatGPT at the same time

The next method to use ChatGPT on whatsapp is through a Python script. This method might look complicated but after following the steps mentioned here, you can easily use it to access ChatGPT on Whatsapp. To use this method, first you have to download the zip file from this link.

 After downloading the file, locate the file with the name Whatsapp-gpt-main file in the terminal.. Next, you have to find the server.py file and enter ‘ls’ then press the ‘enter’ key. The next step requires you to enter ‘python server.py’ and your whatsapp number will be automatically linked to the ChatGPT and you can start using it on Whatsapp.

Method 3: Accessing ChatGPT on Whatsapp using Jinni AI

Using Jinni AI is one of the easiest ways to access ChatGPT on Whatsapp. You can visit the website from your phone using this link. The website will show a launch Whatsapp option, you have to click on that option and it will redirect you to your whatsapp and in this way you can enjoy the ChatGPT services on your Whatsapp.

Method 4: Accessing ChatGPT on Whatsapp using Shmooz AI

The best and the easiest method to access ChatGPT on Whatsapp is by using the Shmooz AI tool. This Chatbot is based on GPT-3 and can be even used for creating AI images. You can add it into your whatsapp using this link. As soon as you open the website you’ll find an option ‘Start shmoozing’ click on that and you will be redirected to Whatsapp.

Shmooz AI for Whatsapp: Initial Impression

Shmooz AI is one of the best ChatGPT powered Chatbots available for Whatsapp users. You can easily set up this Chatbot in your whatsapp following the steps mentioned above. Shmooz AI is one of the few chatbots that can provide you with AI images. There is one drawback as the app allows only 5 free messages per user. After that you will have to pay a fee of 9.99$ per month.

Bonus Method: Using more ChatGPT Whatsapp bots

Apart from the above mentioned methods, there are various other tools that perform similar functions and link ChatGPT to your Whatsapp chat window. Few of these tools include MobileGPT, WizAI, Roger Da Vinci among others.

Is ChatGPT available on Whatsapp?

No, Currently there is no official linkage of ChatGPT and the messaging giant Whatsapp. ChatGPT has restricted itself only to its web platform. But, there are certain apps that are mentioned above, they can help you avail ChatGPT services on your Whatsapp.

Can you connect ChatGPT to Whatsapp?

Yes, you can connect ChatGPT to your Whatsapp account using the methods mentioned above. Although there is no official method that allows you to do so, the API method and the Python method are reliable and are working fine. You can use any of them to connect ChatGPT to your Whatsapp.

What is the ChatGPT extension for Whatsapp?

The ChatGPT extension for Whatsapp is available on the chrome web store, you can search it on web store and download it. The extension allows you to send the conversations of ChatGPT to your friends and family. You can send these conversations directly to your whatsapp instead of manually copying it from the website. We highly recommend you to check the extension throughly as a lot of chrome extensions are stealing user’s data.


The days are gone when you had to visit the ChatGPT website and wait for the server to release traffic. Now the ChatGPT services can be accessed through your Whatsapp itself. I hope after reading this article, you will get access to the Chatbot on your Whatsapp. The methods mentioned in the article are tried and tested therefore, you can try any of these to avail ChatGPT on Whatsapp.

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