The WAR application scenarios:

1. Open Farming function to offer WAR rewards for liquidity providers. We reached a partnership with MDEX to increase WAR liquidity mining rewards, users whostakeWAR-HT DLP at MDEX can get both MDX and WAR rewards, the rewards will be ongoing(unless there are major adjustments), this feature was launched on May 9.

2. Launch LPT(Liquidity provider token) Pool Subsequent to the whitelisted Pool, Public Pool, flash Pool and LBP Pool, we will launchtheLPTPool, users can participate in the LPT pool by adding liquidity of WAR-HT on MDEXtoswapnewassets, which means the more LPT you have the more share of assets you can eventuallyget. In the early stages, the LPT pool will exist with four other pools, but the allocation of assets redeemable in the LPT pool will gradually increase, and eventually the LPT pool will becomethedominant form of asset subscription. the LPT Pool will go live in mid-May.

3. WAR Community Governance In the future planning, users can pledge WAR to get some rights, including but not limitedtodecision making and advice on project selection, as well as the right to directly recommendprojects, pledge is governance. At the same time, users have the right to vote on WeStarter’s futureplanning. Users can pledge WAR to join the WeStarter “committee” and participate in everystepofWeStarter’s future development planning, so that WeStarter can develop in the long run.

4. Community Contribution WeStarter has a long-term marketing incentive plan for community activity and newuser growth. Any user willing to work for WeStarter, from a small message delivery or mentoring a newuser, to building more consensus for WeStarter or even working with WeStarter, will be rewarded with long term WAR based on contributions.

5.WeStarter will launch more WAR use scenarios to improve the frequency of WARuse and increase the value of WAR. WAR Pool (DAO) WAR Pool (DAO) was launched on June 8th at 20:00 SGT. WAR Pool is WeStarter’s governance pool, where you can stake WAR tokens to get a certain amount of WAR rewards. The governance pool will be a core feature in the WAR ecosystem.

In future, WeStarter will develop a certain requirement after the WAR pool is settled, and the requirement is based on [the length of time of holding WAR in the WAR pool + the number of WAR being held] as the most important evaluation scale, and launch contribution credit —WARage credit, the age credit = Σ (number of WAR being held * non-linear time weight).

With WAR Age Credits you will benefit from the following privileges.

1. Increased weighting to qualify for whitelist.

2. the voting privilege to select your most approved projects in the project candidate pool toIWO.

3. Initiate proposals or vote on proposals and participate directly in WeStarter’s governance.

4. Get other privileges for the passing proposals.