WeStarter is a cross-chain token initial swap platform which is developed based on HECOnetworkon February 23rd, 2021. It supports the initial exchange of project assets in ETH, HECO, BSC and other networks. In the longer term plan, Avalanche, Polka or other publicchains are also in the scope of investigation, basically meeting the demands of IWOfor all thepublic chain assets in the market, as well as the investment demands for diverse public chainusers.

Up to now, the total volume of WeStarter IWO has exceeded 1 billion dollars, 15 qualityprojectslaunched, a total of 27 IWO pools launched, and a total number of 13,200 participating addresses. The first financing was completed on April 15th, and the participated investment institutions include Continue Capital, SevenX Ventures, NGC Ventures, AU21 Capital, Spark Digital Capital, LD Capital, Power Law Capital, Kyros Ventures, DoraHacks Ventures, SkyVentures, DEFI TIMESCAPITAL and others.

Characteristics of WeStarter Platform

• It supports multi-chain assets, and collects various early DeFi projects: support HECO, BSCandETH, support a variety of and will successively support the fund raising of all projects compatible with EVM ecology and open up the silos of each public chain.

• The resource-based fundraising improves the success rate for both developers and investors: projects with high stackings (or with higher voting weight) and with reasonable operation mechanisms will receive assistance in multiple forms, such as financing, community management, marketing, etc. WeStarter has the top KOL from globally dominant crypto markets, good community resources, and quality resources from secondary markets that support both centralized and decentralized transactions. It also boasts the competence to make project plans and devise strategies fully independently. Supported with great resources, it will maximize the quality of early projects and protect the rights and interests of investors.

• The diversification of fundraising methods allows users to choose their income forms freely: theplatform bears in mind and strictly practices the philosophy to protect the rights and interestsofinvestors, and thus will continue to optimize and innovate blind box auctions, Dutch auctions, sealed bidding, STO, NFT and other purchasing methods. It will also continue to launchnewproducts and improve the existing products.

• NFT support personalization – due to the diverse use scenarios of NFT Token, such as artworkand GameFi, the platform will not only serve the subscription process, but also provide a varietyof personalized services, such as GameFi prop subscription, recycling, transfer, etc.NFTexchangeplatform will be officially launched in Q1 2022.

• WeStarter officially launches its license-free redemption model, or WAR (DAO), in Q12022, where projects can launch crowdfunding proposals using the token WAR, enabling a fullydecentralized initial redemption model.