Dogecoin Daily Transaction Reached Lifetime Highs After ‘DRC-20’ Tokens Introduced

Crypto community left shocked as Dogecoin (DOGE) reaches an all-time-high of daily transaction volume. A whopping total of 719,894 transactions were made only on Tuesday, topping over Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC). Key Highlights: Dogecoin Reaches Lifetime High of Daily Volume From humble beginning as an altcoin, Dogecoin reaches transaction peak before dropping down to … Read more

This scammer cloned crypto exchange HitBTC to steal $15M

Renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform from Hong Kong, HitBTC, was attacked by phishing scammers, resulting in a con worth over $15 million. SlowMist, a blockchain security firm investigated the happening to find out that the scammers are widespread and impersonating sites like Coinone and LedgerX. Key Highlights: Phishing Attacker Replicates HitBTC to Scam Users The scammers … Read more

South Korean authorities raid Upbit, Bithumb crypto exchanges after political scandal

Amidst the national crackdown of cryptocurrency exchange platforms, the two largest firms, Upbit and Bithumb get raided on allegations of fraud and money laundering. South Korean lawmaker and politician Kim Nam-kuk had involvement in these organizations prior to the raid. However, with continued strikes on his public image, the parliament member resigned from his post. … Read more

XRP Lawsuit Update Today: Ripple Legal Officer Counters with 77-year-old “Howey” Case

The latest update in XRP vs. SEC witnessed Chief Legal Officer, Stuart Alderoty accuse SEC of inappropriately using “common enterprise” factor to charge Ripple. The concept originated from the SEC v. W.J. Howey Co. lawsuit in 1946. Almost 77 years later, the SEC is claimed to be taking advantage of that verdict to wrap legal … Read more

OpenAI CEO is on the verge of raising $100M for Worldcoin

Sam Altman (the OpenAI CEO) is in preliminary negotiations with Worldcoin to acquire $100 million in investment. The goal of this project is to establish a coin that is internationally dispersed and cooperatively owned. Key Highlights Worldcoin’s goal is to enable Biometric Verification Alex Blania, Altman, and Max Novendstern co-founded Worldcoin, with development on the … Read more

Binance Announces Exit from Canada Due to Regulatory Impositions

On May 13, one of the largest crypto firms, Binance, announced its exit from Canada after finding new regulations “untenable.” Similar to U.S. regulatory bodies, the Ontario Securities Commission spoke out about strict regulations on digital assets like cryptocurrency. Key Highlights New Regulations Cause Havoc for Crypto Firms After a continued act of cryptocurrency hunting … Read more