Digital stablecoin Tether (USDT) Emerges to Stability as “Least Risky”

After a few successions of bearish trends on cryptocurrency exchange, Tether (USDT) has stood out as the “least risky” crypto token. Only within a year, several crypto giants had to be shut down in U.S. due to regulatory issues, making a perfect opportunity for investors to shift towards pegged coins like Tether. Key Highlights: The … Read more

Bittrex Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Within 3 Weeks of SEC Allegation

On 8th May 2023, US-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, Bittrex shut down its operation in Seattle and files for chapter 11 bankruptcy only after three weeks on SEC lawsuit. According to the SEC press release, Bittrex Global, the foreign affiliate failed to comply registration of revenues. Key Highlights: Unannounced Revenue Leads Bittrex to Bankruptcy Claims read … Read more

Jack Dorsey donates $10 million to Bitcoin for Becoming the “Internet Currency”

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, expresses his belief in Bitcoin by donating $10 million to OpenSats, which will be used to make Bitcoin the prime currency of the internet. Key Highlights OpenSats remains Pass-through in Efforts 100% of the donation amount will be used by OpenSats for promoting the mission of Nostr, without any … Read more launches ChatGPT-based AI User Assistant, Amy launches ChatGPT-based AI User Assistant, Amy

Cryptocurrency exchange giant introduces Amy, an AI-powered chatbot set to be a trustworthy source for providing enthusiasts with real-time prices, projections, and more. On May 2, 2023, announces its latest achievement and takes the crypto industry by surprise. Amidst all the negative feedback about artificial intelligence, the organization builds a ChatGPT-based assistant named … Read more

Binance Refutes ChatGPT-Linked Allegations of Ties to China’s Communist Party (Report)

Binance denies rumors about Changpeng Zhao (CEO of Binance) and information about ties with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claimed as false news by ChatGPT. The parties involved in this are yet to be identified, and speculations around organized smear campaigns are on the rise. According to Fortune’s report, artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT are … Read more