WeStarter Ecosystem We will list below the types of pools, users, pool status and WeStarter governance model.

Types of pools

There will be two types of asset pools: free fundraising pool and stacking fundraising pool.

• Free fundraising pool There is no stacking period required for this type of pool. Investors receive tokens immediatelyafterthe exchange.

• Stacking fundraising pool This type of pool has a set stacking value TAP (TAP value: the rate at which assets canbewithdrawn; the unit is day, and the starting value is 0).

Investors can only receive the exchangedtokens after the stacking period. The smart contract of WeStarter allows pool creators tocustomizethe stacking time to gradually release the assets swapped.

Example: A TOEKN will issue 50% of A TOKEN immediately after the scheduled fundraisingtimeends. The remaining 50% will be released within the next 6 months.

Pool status

WeStarter provides only one type of pool (i.e. either free fundraising pool or stackingfundraisingpool) for a project; WeStarter will implement the following processes through smart contracts:

1). Preparation: The pool is only open to project developers who provide informationandsetcontract parameters;

2). Open: The pool is open to eligible users.

3). Completion: TOKEN are sold out, and the pool time ends.

4). Completion: Time is exhausted, but the token swap is not completed. The remainingtokenswillbe returned to the project owner.

5). Close: The pool is closed and tokens are issued to investors.

• It supports mainstream assets (such as HT, USDT, HUSD, ETH, BTC, etc.): users caninvestmainstream assets in the pool in line with the agreed time or amount to obtain tokens;

• The platform will provide basic information on crowdfunding projects. Opinions andcommentswill be published and shared in a timely manner.