What happens if You Don’t File Robinhood Taxes?

What happens if You Don't File Robinhood Taxes?

Robinhood is a tool that helps you trade in stocks, Cryptocurrency and other securities. Since, the platform allows you to earn profits and I hope you know with profits always comes the taxes. Therefore, it is important to file Robinhood taxes. Do you know the consequences if you will not file Robinhood taxes? If not, … Read more

Is Apex Focus Group Legit?

Is Apex Focus Group Legit_

If you are looking for a way to make some extra money by sharing your opinions on products and services, you may have come across Apex Focus Group. This company claims to give you chance to get paid for being part of focus groups, as well as other earning opportunities such as taking part in … Read more

Is Bingo Clash Legit?

Is Bingo Clash Legit?

Are you planning to play Bingo Clash to earn money but concerned about its legitimacy? You are at the right place, through this article you will understand the working of Bingo Clash, the Payments procedure and also its legitimacy. There are certain things that you must know before investing your time and money on this … Read more

Is Solitaire Cash Legit? (2023 Review)

Wondering how to make some money playing games? Solitaire Cash could be the answer. But is Solitaire Cash legit? We’ll tell you how it works, and give you a rundown of the pros and cons so you can decide if it’s worth your time and cash. Let’s dive in! What Exactly is Solitaire Cash? Solitaire … Read more

How to Use Voice Control for ChatGPT?

voice control for chatgpt

Typing out long prompts can sometimes be quite tedious and time-consuming in ChatGPT. To make it easier to communicate, voice control on ChatGPT can be a great help.  Instead of typing out your requests and reading the AI’s responses, you can just use your voice to ask questions or give commands and then hear its … Read more

How to Use ChatGPT without Restrictions


Here’s how you can Bypass ChatGPT restrictions using DAN. If you are unable to get responses to some of your questions on ChatGPT due to its content policies then this article is definitely the solution to your problem. DAN, the ‘Do anything Now’ will help you bypass ChatGPT Restrictions, there are many other ways but … Read more