Binance Coin (BNB) was launched back in 2017 based on ERC-20 Ethereum and aimed at eliminating trading issues in the crypto-verse. Backed up by Ethereum in its early stages, Binance quickly shifted to Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Today, Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms and holds a total market cap of $50,398,650,572. Standing at rank #4 in 2023, Binance Coin (BNB) is the native cryptocurrency of the organization, which also offers services like Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Binance Academy, and Trust Wallet.

Users of Binance enjoy discounts of 25% on trading fees, and the blockchain network, BSC is considered better than Ethereum. Since it is compatible with Ethereum dApps, users can easily migrate to Binance for its efficiency.

Ticker BNB
Current Price $323.35
Price Variation (24H) -0.17%
Market Cap $50,398,650,572
Total Supply 155,862,256
Rank #4
1 year Low $184.54
1 year High $412.40
Contract Address 0xB8c77482e45F1F44dE1745F52C74426C631bDD52

Binance Coin (BNB) Price History

Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, co-founded Binance along with Ye Hi (the current CMO) in 2017. The initial coin offering was valued at $0.1059, which helped Binance generate $15 million worth of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

BNB went through a steady rise until February 2021, when prices skyrocketed from $44.31 to its all-time peak price of $650.47 in November, a 1688.77% growth in less than a year.

Here’s a quick rundown on what’s happened to BNB prices ever since 2017:

Year Month Min Price Max Price
2017 September $0.6989 $2.2017
2018 January $8.4577 $22.25
2018 May $12.32 $14.35
2018 September $9.3856 $11.35
2019 January $5.8951 $7.0915
2019 May $19.6 $35.05
2019 September $15.85 $22.57
2020 January $13.04 $18.59
2020 May $15.12 $17.58
2020 September $19.48 $31.16
2021 January $37.92 $34.57
2021 May $300.4 $631.24
2021 September $344.65 $497.7
2022 January $379.39 $512.13
2022 May $269.14 $383.48
2022 September $272.14 $296.92
2023 January $245.55 $317.38

Technical Analysis of BNB

  • In the past 200 days, the moving average of BNB has been upward, showcasing a positive sign for a forecast.
  • Since May 1, 2023, BNB has been on a downward slope and showing signs of a bearish market.
  • On May 3, 2023, in the past hour, the moving average slope was down from its opening price.
  • The relative strength index of BNB is within the neutral zone of 30 and 70, which indicates neither bullish nor bearish trends.

Below, you can find a candlestick chart of BNB between 2017 and 2023 to get a better understanding of the moving average of Binance Coin.

BNB Price Prediction (2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050)

BNB Price Prediction 2023

From May until the end of 2023, it is predicted that Binance Coin (BNB) prices will be around $324. The value is largely affected by the performance of the Binance Exchange platform. This crypto token uses auto-burn technology for better transparency in transactions.

There are no signs of an upward or downward trend to suggest that crazy jumps will happen in BNB prices, but forecasting shows that they can go as high as $465.85. In the case of sudden drops in prices, BNB can be available for as little as $285.16.

As of May 2023, the current price of $323.35 suggests that we might witness some upward movement from the Binance coin. Prices are anticipated to be around $375.50 by the end of 2023.

A Twitter user shares his thoughts on the potential growth of BNB in two weeks.

BNB Prince Prediction 2024

At the beginning of 2024, BNB is predicted to reach its past performance numbers of around $457.5. That is the best-case scenario considering that Bitcoin’s halving in April 2024 will turn the tables on Binance Coin. Forecasting says that on average, the market will not pull BNB lower than $259 and maintain a price of $361 in 2024.

A Twitter user attempts to predict the price of BNB in 2024.

BNB Price Prediction 2025

Binance Coin (BNB) is predicted to be around $358.21 in 2025 if the company can attract the attention of investors. In 2023, Binance is already taking steps toward development, and two years from today, it is expected to see more utility from BNB. In a bullish market, prices will stay upwards of $366 and go as high as $463.8, with an average of $376.12.

Investing today can generate an impressive ROI of over 324%.

BNB Price Prediction 2030

2030 might be the year BNB crosses its current peak price ($650.47) and hovers around $750. For this to happen, Binance will need to overtake the smart contract king, Ethereum. Forecasting shows that the highest price of BNB in 2030 can go as high as $969.18 or go through a bearish trend and be around $633.19. There are still no signs of an upward trend in BNB prices, but in 2030, prices could be skyrocketing and go beyond our speculation.

BNB Price Prediction 2040

The Binance Coin (BNB) price forecast suggests that 2040 could be the year where it overtakes the threshold value of $1,000. According to our analysis, the lowest price in 2040 is expected to be around $1,213.03 and go as high as $2,645. The coming trend changes in BNB can help you figure out if it can be a good long-term investment.

BNB Price Prediction 2050

The prediction says that BNB prices will have to skyrocket upwards of $4,343.68 to stay relevant a decade from today. BNB prices have taken a hit several times but never went below a certain price; with every drop, they set a new low. In 2050, the forecast says that it will be around $2,257.

BNB Price Prediction Overview

Year Price
2023 $375.50
2024 $457.5
2025 $463.8
2030 $969.18
2040 $2,645
2050 $4,343.68

FAQ for Binance Coin (BNB)

Can BNB go for $10,000?

Back in 2021, the chances of BNB reaching $10,000 were possible, but as of 2023, there are no signs of such a thing happening anytime soon. Theoretically, the market cap of BNB will have to be over $1 trillion, and currently, it is only at $50,398,650,572.

Can BNB coin reach $1000?

The chances of BNB reaching $1,000 are possible even in the current bearish market, but it could be 2030 when such a thing happens.

Can BNB reach $1 trillion market cap?

As of 2023, the market cap of BNB is around $50 billion and will have to climb over Bitcoin’s $552.14 billion to reach $1 trillion. Looking at the current trends, such a possibility is still unheard of.

Can BNB reach $2,000?

For BNB to reach a value of $2,000, it can take until 2040, but the chances are certainly there. Crypto markets are volatile and can make sudden jumps to high prices.

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