Check out if you can use GPT 4 Image Input in the ChatGPT.


The OpenAI on 14th March 2023 publicly announced the launch of GPT-4. ChatGPT does not accept Images as Input to generate responses. The newly launched GPT-4 accepts Image as an acceptable Input method. The feature is being extensively used by users around the globe to generate responses from an Image. 

With the new feature, the GPT-4 will become even more popular than its previous models. Academicians, Professionals, Researchers everyone is going to use this excellent platform to generate responses.

Understanding the potential for GPT- Image Input

GPT-Image Input is the latest development by the leading AI platform OpenAI. The feature is available only in GPT-4. Using this feature, you can generate a response using an image as input. This development will widen the scope of AI in research, academics and even professional work. 

There are many instances where you come across a picture that does not ring a bell at all. Do not worry the new GPT-4 can decipher texts, and describe the image in text format for you.

Recognising the Constraints of GPT-4 in processing Images

With a plethora of merits of the newly launched GPT-4, there are a few constraints associated with it. The GPT-4 is still not completely reliable although, with the new update, the GPT platform has become more accurate but still not perfect.

The developers of the GPT-4 have recently talked about the reliability of the platform. They requested the users to not trust the response blindly and not use it where the stakes are high.

Process of Integrating Images with GPT-4

The image integration was a feature that the GPT users have been expecting for a very long. You can use the GPT 4 Image Input feature only on GPT 4 API. Many users believe GPT-4 API and Chat GPT plus are the same things, although they work on GPT-4 they are not the same. The Image Input feature is available only on GPT-4 API.

To use this feature, you can register on the waitlist through this link. After getting access through the waitlist, you can join the API and upload pictures with a command. For example, you can upload a question paper and ask for the solution from GPT-4.

ChatGPT-4 Image Input not Working

GPT-4 users who have subscribed to ChatGPT plus are not able to use the GPT-4 Image Input method. Do not worry you are not the only one, the developers have released the Image Input feature for the API users only. There are high chance that very soon it will be available for ChatGPT plus users.

Many users who have GPT-4 API access are also not able to use the Image Input Method. The reason for the same is the platform does not accept Images directly and you have to use a link to use Images as Input.

Image Compatibility with ChatGPT: What you need to know

ChatGPT does not allow users to upload images and generate responses as text. GPT-4 is the only version that allows users to generate responses from image input. Previous versions were not capable of deciphering texts from images. 

The GPT-4 not only reads images but also understands any hidden message present in the image. From explaining memes to identifying places, shapes etc.

Present Limitations and Upcoming developments

With the latest development of Image Input, GPT-4 has all the eyes. But still, there is a long way to go as people were expecting that this time GPT-4 would accept videos and GIFs as acceptable input. There are issues with the Image Input as to the accuracy of the response generated by the AI. Many times, users themselves do not understand the image, in such cases, there is a high chance that the response generated might be wrong as GPT-4 is still not very accurate and reliable.

Another limitation of the GPT 4 Image Input Method is that it is available only on OpenAI GPT 4. API The GPT-4 API requires users to join the waitlist and then provides access after a long time. Developers should get away with this limitation as soon as possible else the third-party apps will take over.

GPT-4 users are expecting that in future updates the platform will allow videos and other input methods as acceptable input to generate responses. Apart from Input methods, there is a lot to work on regarding the accuracy and reliability of the results. Many third-party apps like Duolingo Max, and Be My eyes are using GPT-4 as a response generator for Image Inputs. 

Final Thoughts

That’s everything you need to know about the Image Input in the newly launched GPT-4. The Image Input feature will benefit users a lot but the accuracy and reliability is still a concern for everyone. We hope after reading the article you can now access the GPT-4 API and try this new Image Input to generate responses.  The GPT-4 Image Input is only available on GPT API and not available on ChatGPT or ChatGPT plus. Overall, the new GPT-4 is something that everyone wants to use even if it is paid.

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