Is GPT-4 Free? How much does it cost?

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Is GPT-4 Free? Delve into the cost structure and accessibility of OpenAI’s latest language model and discover its potential applications and features.

The newly launched GPT-4 model is the new talk in the industry. The GPT-4 is not free for use, unlike the previous versions. You can access the platform in two ways i.e. the Chat GPT plus platform or the Chat GPT API. The usage costs for the two are very different. Read this article to understand more about GPT-4 and its subscription model that fits your requirement.

Is GPT-4 Free

Accessing GPT-4 for free: Is it possible?

GPT-4, the latest version of Chat GPT, is not available for free. In his recent tweet, Sam Altman, the CEO of the company, hinted that at one point, they will have to make their services paid, and this is the time for it. Therefore, GPT-4 is available on Chat GPT plus by paying a subscription amount.

Chat GPT users can still try to access GPT-4 by using this link. Through the link, you can join the GPT-4 waitlist but it takes more than 7 days to get access to GPT-4.

Understanding GPT-4 Pricing

There are two methods to access the GPT-4 platform, firstly by subscribing to Chat GPT Plus and secondly, by purchasing Chat GPT API. Both the options are different in price as well as features. The Chat GPT plus is available for users at a price of 20$ per month.

On the other hand, Chat GPT API also includes GPT-4 and costs on a work basis rather than flat pricing. The API’s 8k context model costs 0.03$ for prompts, whereas 0.06$ for the completion of 1k tokens. You can refer to 1k tokens as around 750 words for better understanding.

GPT-4 Pricing Models: Options and Variations

The GPT-4 pricing model is based on the principle of paying only for what you use. The platform has different charges for different services. Beginning with the text prompt and its completion, there are two models the 8k context model and the 32k context model. The pricing for these is 0.03$ and 0.06$ for prompts, respectively and 0.06$ and 0.12$ for the completion of 1000 tokens, respectively. 

It is essential to understand that Chat GPT API and Chat GPT Plus are billed separately. Therefore, do not think that by purchasing Chat GPT Plus, you can also get access to Chat GPT API.

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Exploring GPT-4’s Features and Capabilities

The new GPT-4 model is considered the most advanced and reliable Chat GPT model. The model is indeed an advanced version of previous models as there are many special features added to this model which were absent previously. These include:-

  1. Increase in the Number of words/tokens

The new model can process 32k tokens, equivalent to 25000 words. Therefore, if you are looking for in-detail research work, this GPT model will greatly help you. The previous versions were limited to processing only up to 3000 words. Therefore, this model is becoming popular among users.

  1. Multimodal Capability

With the new GPT-4, you can input text, images, and even website links and get the response in text. This new feature will enable users to decode facts from an image that was earlier not present in any of the AI models.

  1. Safe Responses

Another excellent feature of the new GPT-4 model is that it generates safe responses and restricts unethical inputs. The new model generates more factually correct responses, which are more reliable. Earlier versions of the GPT generated responses that were sometimes offensive and violated privacy and other fundamental laws.

  1. More Creative than Previous Versions.

The GPT-4 model is more creative than the previous versions. You can generate responses by telling the GPT how you want it. Like, if you want to get a response in a conversational way between a teacher and student, you can mention it and get the response in that form.

Assessing the value of GPT-4: Is it worth the subscription?

Comparing the new GPT-4 model with previous versions, the new version has many substantial changes. You should subscribe to the new GPT-4 or not, depending on the utility of the same. If you regularly need it to generate data for work or academic purposes, then you should try it

Another aspect is to understand your usage as you have two options to buy the API model on a usage basis or the Chat GPT plus for an overall subscription. Many user reviews suggest that since this model has just launched, there are certain irregularities in generating responses. If you don’t need it urgently and can manage without it for a month or two, then you should wait for it to stabilize and subscribe later.


The GPT-4 is the most advanced AI model available for use. The latest model was launched on 14th March 2023 and since then it has been trending in the tech industry. The GPT-4 model is not available for free and the subscription charges vary according to the user’s requirement. After reading the article, I hope you are now aware of all the subscription options for the GPT-4 model and decide which the best for you.

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