Stacks price at $0.471 with 26.03% gain over the past year; is Stacks a good investment or should you look for an alternative coin? Find out in this article as we discuss technical analysis and Stacks (STX) price prediction for 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050.

Ticker NameStacks (STX)
Ticker Price (24-h)$0.471 (2.18%)
Price Variation (7-d)18.68%
Volume (24-h)$12,793,038 (23.30%)
Market Cap$658,646,555 (1.91%)
Fear/Greed Index37 (Fear)
Market Sentiment93% Bearish
All time High$2.9003 (02/12/2021)
All time Low$0.0585 (17/03/2020)

Is Stacks a Good Investment?

According to analysis, Stacks is a good investment because prices are low and technical analysis suggests a chance of price reversal. From a thorough study of Stacks price and tokenomics, STX is closely related to Bitcoin and with time, the halving event will also play an essential role. Combining such with a possibility of bull run, Stacks could be a profitable investment. However, our predictions are not financial advice, and always conduct self-research before buying.

Stacks Price History

Stacks (STX) was launched on the cryptocurrency exchange in late October 2019 for an initial coin offering (ICO) price of $0.213 and presently trading for $0.471. In these past years, Stacks price has increased by 104.04% and below is a brief chart containing other Stacks historical prices:

DateMin PriceMax Price
Dec 2019$0.0801$0.1414
Mar 2020$0.0585$0.1640
Jun 2020$0.1183$0.1643
Sep 2020$0.1435$0.2511
Dec 2020$0.2246$0.4483
Mar 2021$0.9297$1.4500
Jun 2021$0.5023$1.0874
Sep 2021$1.1075$1.7509
Dec 2021$1.7869$2.9003
Mar 2022$1.0395$1.9018
Jun 2022$0.3054$0.5838
Sep 2022$0.3153$0.4016
Dec 2022$0.2052$0.3611
Mar 2023$0.5264$1.3006
Jun 2023$0.4604$0.8742
Aug 2023$0.4191$0.6331

For further details and price analysis, check out the Stacks price chart.

Stacks Price Prediction 2023 to 2050

YearMin PriceAvg PriceMax Price

Stacks Price Prediction 2023

Forecasting for Stacks in 2023 suggests a high and low of $0.7608 and $0.2216 respectively. Having a bearish market sentiment, it is better if we keep our expectations limited to an average price of $0.5821. Stacks is creating smart contracts for decentralized applications as a Bitcoin Layer. By the end of the year, the Stacks roadmap is looking strong and we can expect better prices for coming years.

Stacks Price Prediction 2024

Price predictions for Stacks in 2024 reveal a peak price of $1.3134 with average numbers around $0.9034. Forecasts also suggest that overall market sentiment of next year will be slightly bearish. Technical analysis shows ‘sell’ suggestion for Moving Averages with ‘neutral’ indication for Relative Strength Index. In the worst market trend, lowest prices are predicted at $0.6625. Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are also a part of Stacks Ecosystem now, find out more about Stacks NFT before investing.

Stacks Price Prediction 2025

Stacks price prediction 2025 suggests values between $2.4209 (high) and $1.0158 (low). Being so closely connected with Bitcoin, the next halving event is set for 2024 with projected results in 2025. As the reward reduces to 3.125 BTC, prices go up and simultaneous growth is predicted from STX. Technical analysis of Stacks also suggests ‘buy’ signs for MACD and Momentum. However, as Moving Average indications show ‘sell’ suggestion, average prices are forecasted at $1.2317. Check out Stacks Whitepaper for details on tokenomics of STX.

Stacks Price Prediction 2030

Forecasting for Stacks prices in 2030 indicate a maximum value of $4.1672 in a bullish market. In the five year period from 2025, prices of STX are predicted to be found in quite lows, having a minimum price of $2.6399. However, the forecasted market is bullish due to the fifth halving event of Bitcoin in 2028. Average prices are expected to be close to $4.1672 with technical analysis indicating a ‘buy’ sign for MACD. As for Momentum and RSI, both are giving ‘neutral’ signs. Find out more about Stacks dApps since their primary focus is towards offering smart contracts for decentralized applications.

Stacks Price Prediction 2040

Stacks price prediction for 2040 forecasts a high and low of $5.2067 and $4.3186. Analysis of the present market shows that in the extreme long stretch, the possibilities are questionable. Since most indicators like MACD, Momentum and Moving Average show ‘sell’ suggestion. Other technicals like Relative Strength Index (RSI) are in the ‘neutral’ zone. As of now, Stacks uses proof of transfer and Clarity for verifying Bitcoin transactions. However, by 2040 this procedure is predicted to improve which will help the token reach an average price of $4.8204. Join Stacks Newsletter for recent updates and announcements regarding STX.

Stacks Price Prediction 2050

Stacks price prediction for 2050 forecasts values between $7.8994 (high) and $5.3210 (low). The Stacks blockchain has a present market capitalization of $658,646,555 and for reaching our predicted numbers, it needs 100 times growth. In such a long period, it is expected that Stacks will gain more users from enhanced services. There are very little hints from the present market that we can use but average prices in 2050 are predicted to be around $6.1938. Read the latest cryptocurrency news for taking an informed investment decision on Stacks (STX).

Should I Buy Stacks?

From our research on Stacks, it is a ‘buy’ suggestion and our price predictions indicate a maximum price of $7.8994 by 2050. However, being in a heavily bearish market, long leaps are required from the team to make a price reversal happen. In the short-term, prospects are also good and you can consider $STX as your next investment. Even so, our predictions are speculations from study and you should also do so before investing.

Realistic Stacks Price Prediction

In a much more realistic view, Stacks has a high possibility of dropping further in prices till $0.2064 by the end of 2023. We can also witness a maximum price of $0.6311 if the market turns bullish. There are also scopes of a bull rally which is presently being restricted due to SEC crackdowns all over the U.S. and by 2025 we might see it. Technical analysis shows good prospects for short-term but the market will change with time. For the best results, study the candlestick chart of Stacks to find out the latest hints from the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Stacks Reach $100?

No, Stacks price prediction reveals a maximum value of $7.8994 in the year 2050. In case of multiple bull runs, numbers can go much higher but $100 seems unrealistic from the present value of $0.471.

Where to Buy Stacks Crypto?

You can buy Stacks crypto or STX from any cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance and create a cryptocurrency wallet. Funds can be added via credit card, debit card, or bank transfer and you are all set to buy Stacks.

What is Stacks Price Prediction 2025 Forecast?

Stacks price prediction 2025 suggests numbers to reach a maximum of $2.4209. Bearish trends can also bring a low price of $1.0158 with average trading around $1.2317.

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