The latest update in XRP vs. SEC witnessed Chief Legal Officer, Stuart Alderoty accuse SEC of inappropriately using “common enterprise” factor to charge Ripple. The concept originated from the SEC v. W.J. Howey Co. lawsuit in 1946. Almost 77 years later, the SEC is claimed to be taking advantage of that verdict to wrap legal cases against Ripple.

Quick Highlights:

  • Ripple Legal Officer highlights precedent case, SEC v Howey (1946) to justify allegations as null.
  • SEC claims were rejected by the court 77 years earlier and even so, the ‘Howey test’ is alleged to be practiced now in the XRP v. SEC filings.
  • Stuart Alderoty, the lawyer and legal officer at Ripple made his finding public via a tweet on May 13, 2023.
  • SEC explanation states that due to XRP’s nature of altering in value and being interchanged, it should be claimed as “common enterprise.”
  • Alderoty is claiming that SEC is misinterpreting the definition and wrongfully accusing Ripple on footings of a rejected concept.

Secret Spills in the XRP vs. SEC Lawsuit

xrp lawsuit update today twitter

On May 13, Stuart Alderoty, the Chief Legal Officer of Ripple tweeted his findings regarding a 77-year-old lawsuit between SEC and W.J. Howey. In that hearing, SEC states that investments are not recognized as “common enterprise” in the presence of “community of interest.” The Supreme Court did not approve the statement and the similar concept is exercised in the recent lawsuit against Ripple.

xrp lawsuit update today

Visit Justia to take a peek into the SEC vs Howey case from 1946.

According to Alderoty, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is misapplying this ‘Howey test’ to determine XRP investors as “common enterprise”. His claims include that similar to the Howey case, the court is likely to favor Ripple in the current lawsuit.

On a three-year run, the XRP vs. SEC lawsuit has already kept the cryptoverse shaken but recent arguments by Ripple Legal Officer is showing some stance. The claims are focused on SEC’s observation towards XRP investors, and as a result, the case aspect is supposed to be nullified.

According to the SEC, since Ripple (payment protocol) can be traded for other assets, and can change quickly in value, such an investment is perceived as “common enterprise.” Ripple’s lawyer claims this state to be stretching in its application of definition, and SEC is weaponizing a ‘rejected notion.’

Court Judgement is Yet to Come

The accusation made by the legal officer is notably harsh for the SEC in the ongoing lawsuit. Unless the court announces a final verdict, the ball is in nobody’s side. The “Howey test” might turn out to be a deciding incident in the upcoming hearing.

Crypto community is eager for the judgment date as they believe SEC’s accusation on Ripple for unregistered trading should be nullified. The uproar of the XRP community is responsible for Ripple’s potential. The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse even hosted a XRP event in Las Vegas last year to meet the supporters.

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