VeChain price ($0.01829) at an uptrend streak of 3.18% since the past week, invest in VeChain (VET) during this market trend or wait for a better opportunity? Find out as we discuss technical analysis and VeChain (VET) price prediction for 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050.

Before jumping into the analysis, here are the present market stats of VeChain (VET):

Ticker Price (24-h)$0.01829 (1.67%)
Price Variation (7-d)3.18%
Price Variation (1-m)-8.84%
Volume (24-h)$30,160,309 (41.41%)
Market Cap$1,330,647,823 (1.58%)
Market Sentiment54% Bearish
Fear/Greed Index50 (Neutral)
All-time-high$0.2532 (19/4/2021)

Check out the VeChain price chart for conducting price analysis of the cryptocurrency before investing.

How VeChain Works?

VeChain is a layer-1 blockchain for smart contracts to be used by organizations for Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. By creating a distributed ledger and having community governance, it is attempting to create a strong foothold in the upcoming industrial revolution of Web3 concept. The platform uses two tokens to make it work: VeChain token (VET) and VeChainThor (VTHO). While VTHO is used for gas fees and other minor costs of running a decentralized application, VET is responsible for generating VTHO.

Users get a VeChain ID for maintaining anonymity while keeping a record, making the authentication process trustless. The organization used to pioneer in the supply chain field with easy-to-use digital solutions (track and trace) and is now doing the same wonders as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) wing of VeChain.

Is VeChain a Good Investment?

VeChain is a promising platform which is being built as the future of digital solutions in a sustainable manner. But even so, it does not seem to be a good investment. Analysis of the present market does show a better picture than before but it is not yet a promising sign. Our suggestion for investors includes self-researching on the VeChain coin and studying the market sentiment before investing. Also, stay updated with VeChain news for taking an informed step.

VeChain Price History

Before stepping into the Web3 industry in 2017, VeChain began two years earlier by introducing cutting-edge supply chain management solutions. They turned into a public blockchain during the launch of VEN, the native Ethereum-based cryptocurrency and Vechain all time high was touched at $0.2532 on 19 April, 2021. VeChain launched for an initial coin offering of $0.01522 and presently stands at $0.01829, an all-time growth of 21.50%.

Below is a brief price chart of VeChain containing quarterly historical prices till date:

DateMin PriceMax Price
Aug 2018$0.0077$0.0178
Dec 2018$0.0032$0.0053
Apr 2019$0.0057$0.0079
Aug 2019$0.0040$0.0056
Dec 2019$0.0045$0.0079
Apr 2020$0.0029$0.0048
Aug 2020$0.0154$0.0229
Dec 2020$0.0120$0.0212
Apr 2021$0.0874$0.2532
Aug 2021$0.0825$0.1441
Dec 2021$0.0708$0.1255
Apr 2022$0.0447$0.0833
Aug 2022$0.0234$0.0338
Dec 2022$0.0153$0.0196
Apr 2023$0.0212$0.0265
Aug 2023$0.0173$0.0183

VeChain Price Prediction 2023 to 2050

YearMin PriceAvg PriceMax Price

VeChain Price Prediction 2023

Forecasting of VeChain in 2023  predicts prices between $0.0207 (high) and $0.0126 (low). Technical analysis suggests ‘strong buy’ suggestion as Exponential Moving Average (EMA) shows a quick uptrend with Momentum and MACD level indicating the same. This is likely due to some bullish trends in recent times but overall market sentiment is still bearish. Average price of VeChain (VET) through the year is predicted at $0.0170. Check out the  VeChain Whitepaper 3.0 for further insights into the cryptocurrency.

VeChain Price Prediction 2024

VeChain price prediction for 2024 indicates a maximum price of $0.0262 in case of bullish movements. A potential bull rally is said to be on the verge as SEC crackdowns are slowing down since the Ripple support. By next year, we can find it in action once again which can take VET prices much higher. Bearish trends can bring a low price of $0.0189 as average prices are found close to $0.0203.

VeChain Price Prediction 2025

Predictions for 2025 forecasts VeChain to touch a high and low of $0.0388 and $0.0254 respectively. Analysis suggests that only Hull Moving Average is indicating ‘sell’ suggestion and all other technicals are a ‘buy’ sign. Falling in the ‘neutral’ zone, we can find RSI, Stochastic %K, and Ichimoku Base Line. Furthermore, being a future-oriented organization, we are expecting enhanced solutions from the team by 2025 which will help bring average prices to $0.0281.

VeChain Price Prediction 2030

Forecasting of VeChain in 2030 predicts prices at a high of $0.0561 with a low of $0.0345. Predicted market sentiment is slightly bullish and numbers are not expected to grow rapidly during this time. A steady uprise is anticipated along with numerous resistance attempts from the bears in the cryptocurrency exchange. Average prices of VeChain in 2030 are predicted to hover around $0.0416.

VeChain Price Prediction 2040

VeChain price prediction for 2040 forecasts a maximum price of $0.0846 within a bullish market. In case of bearish efforts, prices can also reach a minimum of $0.0537. Analysis of long-term puts all Moving Average indications as ‘sell’ suggestion and RSI seems to be in the ‘neutral’ area. As for MACD level and Momentum, both show a ‘buy’ indication. If a true price reversal is to come for VeChain, 2040 is predicted to be the year with average prices close to $0.0623.

VeChain Price Prediction 2050

Forecasting for VeChain price prediction in 2050 indicates a maximum price of $0.2973, beating the present record of VeChain all time high of $0.2532. Bearish trends can also pull prices to a low value of $0.0970. If all our previous milestones are touched by 2050, and VeChain manages to sustain itself in the market, average prices are predicted to be around $0.1767.

Should I Buy VeChain?

According to our analysis of VeChain in the present market, bullish movements have started but it is going to take more for prices to reverse. There is an equal chance of prices dropping once again. So, take some time and conduct deep-analysis by yourself into the VeChain token before investing. Moreover, VeChain valuation (finance) stands at a market cap of $1,330,647,823 and for prices to reach even $1, it needs to grow 100 times, which is not expected soon. After conducting price analysis of VeChain, if you feel like investing now, keep a larger focus on long-term goals.

Realistic VeChain Price Prediction

In a realistic conclusion, it can be said that VeChain is at a close edge of either moving towards a token of the future or another failed initiative. Even though its goals are grand, there is little support from the market as investor sentiments remain bearish. There are certain factors influencing upwards movement and if it continues, we can see times change for VeChain and touch our predicted numbers. Even so, nobody can give any assurance of the future and you should analyze the candlestick chart of VeChain for conducting your version of forecast. Please do not consider any of our predictions as financial advice and if you are still confused, seek help from a professional financial adviser.

Frequently Asked Questions

What VeChain does?

VeChain is L-1 blockchain having VET, an ERC-20 cryptocurrency as its native token. Users can use VET for producing VTHO for running decentralized applications or using VET digital services of supply chain management.

VeChain Where to Buy?

You can buy VeChain (VET) by logging into any cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance and connecting your cryptocurrency wallet. Once done, you can easily trade VET and other crypto tokens as well. Please consider the market risk of investing in VeChain as cryptocurrencies are volatile (finance) investments even to this day.

Will VeChain reach $1?

Forecasting of VeChain predicts a maximum price of $0.2973 by 2050, which is quite far from the dollar mark. There are also no signs of multiple bull rallies which can plummet prices that high and even if it does miraculously, it is not expected to sustain such a number.

Will VeChain reach $10?

Our analysis and price prediction of VeChain suggests that it is highly unlikely for the token to ever reach $10. Especially from a price point of $0.01829, it is 1000X growth which can take ages to arrive. In our perspective of the present market, there are no strong bullish trends to support an unrealistic assumption.

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