Quant is growing regularly at a rate of 0.36% taking prices to $102.08 after a prolonged period of price drops. Is Quant crypto a good investment for 2023 and further? Find out below as we discuss Quant price predictions and analysis for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050.

Making its initial move in June 2018, Quant connected blockchains with increased efficiency and reduced interoperability on a global level. They created the very first blockchain operating system called Overledger Network responsible for eliminating interoperability issues.

Users on this network can create an enhanced version of decentralized applications called multi-chain applications (MApps) which is basically a network of various interlinked applications. This is where Quant (QNT) token comes in, as users need a certain amount of it for building their applications on the Overledger Network.

Let’s take a quick look at Quant market status in the present day for easier understanding of our predictions and analysis made below:

Ticker Price (24-h)$102.08 (0.36%)
Price Variation (7-d)-4.55%
Volume (24-h)$12,675,446 (-13.15%)
Market Cap$1,233,666,650 (0.48%)
Fear/Greed Index50 (Neutral)
Market Sentiment56% Bearish

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Is Quant a Good Investment?

According to our analysis of Quant, it might be a good investment, especially for the long-term. Since Overledger Network, the very first blockchain OS, is unique itself, there are multiple use-cases as well. They are solving interoperability problems among other blockchains and welcoming more users on their network.

This growth rate was clearly visible in its market price before hitting the crypto winter. However, now prices are uptrending slowly and investing now can bring in favorable returns.

Quant Price History

Quant was launched on the decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies in early August 2018 for an opening price of $0.2524. Looking at the present Quant (QNT) price of $102.08, it made a jump of 35361.98% and below is a brief table containing the price alterations during this time.

DateMin PriceMax Price
Aug 2018$0.22$0.32
Dec 2018$1.02$3.83
Apr 2019$1.95$4.04
Aug 2019$5.55$10.64
Dec 2019$3.44$6.34
Apr 2020$3.93$6.18
Aug 2020$6.72$11.53
Dec 2020$10.28$13.70
Apr 2021$36.22$45.73
Aug 2021$135.04$212.15
Dec 2021$146.05$227.85
Apr 2022$107.56$154.08
Aug 2022$92.56$132.84
Dec 2022$101.75$135.61
Apr 2023$106.75$128.06
Aug 2023 (9/8/2023)$99.97$109.92

For additional details for your Quant price analysis, check out the all-time price chart of QNT.

Quant Price Prediction 2023 to 2050

Quant price predictions are made after deep research and analysis which includes fundamental analysis, technical analysis, price study, market sentiment, and so on. Below is a brief table followed by detailed discussion on our Quant price forecast from 2023 to 2050.

YearMin PriceAvg PriceMax Price

Quant Price Prediction 2023

Forecasting for Quant prices in 2023 predicts a maximum high of $147.653 with average numbers around $115.028. After a heavy crypto winter, tokens are attempting to regain their potential. Due to this prices are low and often bearish due to competition. The probability of a bull rally is also quite high and combining that with technical analysis reveals prospects for 20230.

Moving averages are mostly showing ‘buy’ suggestions while Relative strength index is ‘neutral’. However, market sentiment is presently bearish and in case of further pulls, predictions show a low price of $94.564. Keep a close eye on Quant news for the official updates regarding the platform and its token.

Quant Price Prediction 2024

Price prediction of Quant for 2024 forecasts prices between $289.647 (high) and $163.605 (low). In case of the previously mentioned bull run, numbers can go upwards even further before falling close to the average price of $234.458.

Technical analysis shows that MACD level is suggesting ‘strong buy’ with Exponential Moving Average (102.10) indicating the same. However, for the token to make a complete price reversal, there are various milestones. Increasing their partners could be a good start, as it will also directly affect the Quant community, an essential part of cryptocurrency scalability.

Quant Price Prediction 2025

Predictions of Quant prices by 2025 are forecasted to reach a maximum price of $303.038. Going by the technical analysis of QNT, Moving Average is indicating ‘strong sell’ with Relative Strength Index acting ‘neutral’. Unless the Quant team is ready to introduce increased use-cases to the token, it will remain as just a ticket for Multi-chain applications (MApps).

Forecasts are suggesting that even with low bullish trends, average numbers would be found around $261.670. With slight support, the lowest prices are predicted to be close to $207.531. According to our Quant price analysis, the predicted low for 2025 has a minimum return of 2X. So, conduct self-research for quickly finding out if Quant is a suitable investment.

Quant Price Prediction 2030

Forecasting of Quant prices for 2030 reveals a probable high value of $1,036.165. Finally, overtaking the $1,000 milestone, massive leaps are expected from Quant. However, this high price is not expected to sustain very long and drop to a predicted low price of $785.206.

Technical analysis suggests a strong uptrend for long-term if previous forecasted trajectories are followed. However, there is no assurance to it, and only a study of the present market which also suggests average prices around $814.912.

Quant Price Prediction 2040

Quant analysis for 2040 predicts a high and low price of $2,753.301 and $1,836.142 respectively. Among the long-term goals of Quant, there are various ways for the organizations to make profit and capital markets is a valuable one.

Considering that the team is successful at it, the hopes of upcoming projects are much brighter. Forecasts for 2040 predict average numbers at $2,348.945. Technical analysis presently shows ‘sell’ indications for Momentum and MACD level with Relative Strength Index suggesting ‘neutral’.

Quant Price Prediction 2050

Forecasting for 2050 predicts Quant (QNT) prices reaching a maximum high of $4,130.715. Cryptocurrencies are volatile without a doubt, and sustaining themselves in such a long run is challenging. If Quant is able to get there, and receives a little push from another bull rally, numbers can get higher. On the contrary, bearish pulls can bring prices to a low price of $2,154.465 with average numbers around $2,843.531.

Should I Buy Quant?

Going by our analysis of Quant in the present market, prices are at a low-hanging, it could be a great opportunity to jump in. However, there is no assurance that anyone can give since cryptocurrencies are volatile (finance) investments. If you are willing to take the risk, prices are forecasted to reach an all-time-high of $4,130.715 by 2050 and a minimum low of 94.564 in 2023.

Note: Please conduct self-analysis before investing or seek professional financial analysts.

Realistic Quant Price Prediction

For a much practical mind, it is quite certain that prices are at low and uptrend is being challenged consistently. Technical analysis does give us further insights into it and reveals that there are strong chances of price reversal. Even in a bearish market sentiment, support would be found if the necessary steps are taken by team Quant. Study the candlestick chart of Quant (QNT) for conducting analysis by yourself and whether you find resemblance or not, our predictions are not financial advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Quant reach $50,000?

No, there are very little chances of Quant reaching $50,000 according to the present market study. Poor market sentiment is showing no hints of QNT reaching such numbers.

Can Quant reach $10,000?

Forecasts indicate a maximum high price of $4,130.715 by 2050 and there are no signs of such rapid growth coming anytime soon. You would need to wait a little longer to check if the market trend catches onto a bullish trend.

Will Quant reach $1,000?

Predictions for Quant suggest that prices will reach $1,000 by 2030 or even earlier. A unique token with multiple use-cases are the perfect mix for a crypto firm to thrive. However, there are no assurances to it and not to be considered as financial advice.

Where to buy Quant crypto?

Log into any cryptocurrency platform like Binance and connect your crypto wallet to it. Once verified, you can start trading Quant (QNT) on the cryptocurrency exchange.

What price will Quant reach?

By 2023, Quant prices are predicted to reach a maximum price of $147.653 and slowly increase to reach $1,036.165 by 2030.

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