Polygon (MATIC) dropped below the $1 mark once again in the past three months; will it bounce back? Can MATIC cross its ATH ($2.8765) in 2023? We will be revealing predictions for Polygon (MATIC) between 2023 and 2050. Stay tuned till the end to find out whether you should purchase Polygon cryptocurrency in 2023 and what the future looks like.

Price and other metrics of Polygon (MATIC) on May 2023.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Polygon was founded in 2017 and aims to speed up transactions and lower fees. Functioning on the Polygon network requires you to put MATIC coins at stake. This practice of proof-of-stake (PoS) has turned out to be beneficial for the crypto token and has established itself within the top ten cryptocurrencies.

Is MATIC a Good Investment?

Polygon (MATIC) is currently priced at $0.9866 and could be a good investment as prices are predicted to continue on the upward trail. However, we cannot say for sure, as cryptocurrency markets are extremely volatile.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Polygon (MATIC) to make an informed investment.

Polygon (MATIC) Price History

MATIC stepped onto cryptocurrency exchange platforms in April 2019 and was priced at $0.004418. Until February 2021, prices did not rise much. Like most cryptocurrency surges, prices rose quickly and crossed $1 in May 2021. Since then, MATIC has dropped below a dollar but recovered too. Let’s take a detailed dive into the price history of Polygon.

YearMonthMin PriceMax Price
All-Time High (ATH)All-Time Low (ATL)
Price of Polygon (MATIC) from August 2019 to present (May 5, 2023).

Polygon (MATIC) Price Prediction (2023 to 2050)

YearMin PriceAvg. PriceMax Price

MATIC Price Prediction 2023

Polygon’s (MATIC) predictions for 2023 show that prices will reach a maximum of $1.824. In recent years, they have gained the trust of users by going carbon negative. This sustainability initiative, along with technological achievements, attracted the attention of Meta, Starbucks, and Disney.

Successful projects in non-fungible tokens (NFT) and Web3 will help drive up prices in 2023. Even though it is expected to have a steady rise, MATIC has the possibility of crossing $2 by the end of 2023. In the case of Polygon not being able to keep up with Ethereum merging scenarios, prices might hover around $1.103 with an average of $1.835.

Polygon (MATIC) gas fees are 7 times cheaper even on peak activity days.

MATIC Price Prediction 2024

The forecast of MATIC prices in 2024 shows that in a green zone, values can be as high as $2.279. An average of $2.174 is expected, with a lower value of $1.783. Polygon would need to gain the interest of more investors to stay above layer-1 cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance.

MATIC Price Prediction 2025

Between 2024 and 2025, prices of Polygon (MATIC) can soar above their ATH ($2.8765) to reach $3.068 or stay at $2.661 on the lower end. For the token to stay among the top ten on the cryptocurrency exchange, Polygon would need to improve its transactions per second (TPS) and consider scalability towards other industries. According to the Economic Times, the Web3 domain itself is predicted to rise to $82.72 billion by 2030.

Wallet Investor claims that MATIC might see a downfall in the coming future and be priced at $0.44 by 2024.

MATIC Price Prediction 2030

According to the predictions of Polygon (MATIC) for 2030, prices are expected to reach a new ATH of $8.192 or fall to a low of $5.042. An average value of $5.513 is expected between 2025 and 2030, with a steady increase each year.

Polygon (MATIC) collaborates with Wanchain for the launch of ETH XFlows.

If Polygon continues to increase collaborations such as those mentioned above, prices can cross the $10 threshold.

MATIC Price Prediction 2040

Between 2030 and 2040, the forecast shows that Polygon (MATIC) holds the capability of reaching a minimum of $12.646 and up to a maximum of $15.916. The growth potential of Polygon is quite high considering the steps it is taking in 2023.

Polygon is using gaming networks to make transactions faster, and several dApps are reliant on them. The organization is also improving in the data security industry with the help of Plasma. It can be used for transactions via MATIC smart contracts. We are expecting a greater number of exciting news stories from Polygon by the end of 2040.

MATIC Price Prediction 2050

In the extreme long run, from 2023 to 2050, Polygon (MATIC) is predicted to be at an average of $21.963. On the bullish side, we can expect a maximum price of $26.613 and a minimum of $17.121. However, cryptocurrencies need to take huge steps to get close to those numbers, and we do not suggest you take this as financial advice.

Should I Buy Polygon (MATIC)?

Buying Polygon (MATIC) in 2023 could be a good decision, as prices are quite low at the moment. In May 2023, Polygon was trading at $0.9866, a huge dip from the prior three months’ price of $1.5418. Polygon has been on a growing trend since the beginning of 2023, and the chances of upward growth are predicted.

Check out this candlestick chart of MATIC to predict upcoming prices.

Realistic Polygon (MATIC) Price Prediction

Even though we make predictions after a close analysis of the current market, the reality is often different. In the case of Polygon (MATIC) cryptocurrency, it has been struggling in recent times. In the last 24 hours of writing, Polygon’s volume variation stood at close to -30%.

There is a strong chance of a comeback, as it is predicted that a bull run is going to happen in 2024, which will soar prices on the cryptocurrency exchange. Even so, looking at the current prices, it does not seem that MATIC could reach anywhere close to $2 by the end of 2023.

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