Near Protocol price at $1.33 a -77.55% drop within a year, should you invest? Find out as we discuss technical analysis, fundamentals, and market sentiment alongwith Near Protocol (NEAR) price predictions for 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050.

Before jumping into our price forecast and analysis, here are the present market status of Near Protocol:

Ticker Price (24-h)$1.33 (-0.16%)
Price Variation (7-d)-1.37%
Volume (24-h)$41,961,994 (-1.64%)
Market Cap$1,252,992,098 (-0.46%)
Market Sentiment96% Bearish
Fear/Greed Index51 (Neutral)
All-time-high$20.09 (17/01/2022)
All-time-low$0.561 (04/11/2022)

What is Near Protocol Coin?

NEAR Protocol was founded by Illia Polosukhin, Erik Trautman, and Alexander Skidanov which aimed at rewarding computer networks with incentives for operating the platform. Users can build and launch their own decentralized applications on the NEAR Protocol Ecosystem. Somewhat similar to Amazon Web Services, but there is no single-party governance but a group effort from a wide network of computers called NEAR Collective.

This layer-1 blockchain is a decentralized application platform and uses Near Protocol Coin or $NEAR as its native token. Within the Web3 world, it directly competes with Ethereum and even with a 3X lower transaction count, it has 5X faster transaction speed and uses a consensus method called “Doomslug.” 

Is Near Protocol a Good Investment?

Analysis of Near Protocol suggests it is not a good investment for short-term goals. However, if you stretch your investment period till 2030, prospects are much higher. Not only are moving averages very poor in a short period, but other indicators also suggest ‘sell’ signs. However, for long shots, forecasts suggest a maximum price of $21.031 by 2050. Technical analysis also indicates better values for moving averages and oscillators as well.

Even so, cryptocurrencies are volatile (finance) investments and a lot of factors like supply and demand, tokenomics, and more play important roles here. Invest in Near Protocol (NEAR) only when your research suggests the same. If you are unsure, seek help from a business analyst or financial adviser. Keep an eye on the latest cryptocurrency news for making an informed decision while buying $NEAR.

Near Protocol Price History

Launched on 14 October 2022, Near Protocol token (NEAR) had an initial coin offering (ICO) of $1.6946. Presently it is trading for $1.33, a -21.68% drop since introduced on the cryptocurrency exchange. Below is a brief table containing the historical prices of Near Protocol between this period:

DateMin PriceMax Price
Dec 2020$0.869$1.641
Apr 2021$4.031$7.417
Aug 2021$2.225$6.568
Dec 2021$6.215$16.39
Apr 2022$10.13$19.63
Aug 2022$3.699$6.079
Dec 2022$1.242$1.825
Apr 2023$1.800$2.404

For further details and conducting price analysis, check out the all-time price chart of Near Protocol (NEAR).

Near Protocol Price Prediction 2023 to 2050

YearMin PriceAvg PriceMax Price

Near Protocol Price Prediction 2023

Forecasting for Near Protocol in 2023 predicts prices between $2.246 (high) and $1.103 (low) with average trading around $1.518. Short-period technical analysis of NEAR reveals a high possibility of prices dropping further. In recent times, prices of Near Protocol are plummeting and at a loss of 0.16% in a day.

Relative Strength Index (RSI) does give a ‘neutral’ reading but MACD level is indicating ‘buy’ with Exponential Moving Average (EMA) suggesting ‘buy’. Combined with a market sentiment of 96% bearish, prices are forecasted to drop before attempting to rise again. In case of a bull rally, we can see additional support to the procedure.

Near Protocol Price Prediction 2024

Near Protocol price prediction for 2024 forecasts a maximum price of $2.593 if the market trend is bullish. In the other instance, numbers could be found at a low price of $1.892. As far as our analysis goes, signs are mostly negative as Moving Averages indicate ‘sell’, and so does Momentum and MACD level.

The Relative Strength Index of NEAR shows a ‘neutral’ indication and thus there are no expectations of price reversal even in 2024. Average price of  Near Protocol is predicted to be close to $2.096.

Near Protocol Price Prediction 2025

Forecast of Near Protocol prices predicts that by 2025, numbers can reach a high and low of $3.248 and $2.114 respectively. We talked earlier about NEAR Collective, the community responsible for running the NEAR Protocol platform enabling all users to use the platform. In the long term, they wish to create a place that is secured enough to be used for valuable assets from regular people.

Technical analysis reveals EMA and MACD level indicating ‘buy’ with Momentum suggesting ‘sell’ which gives us certain hopes for a price hike. Relative Strength Index comes as ‘neutral’ but average prices might be seen upwards of $3.037.

Near Protocol Price Prediction 2030

Price predictions for Near Protocol in 2030 suggests prices at a maximum of $12.361 with a minimum of $6.647. Market sentiment for 2030 is expected to be mostly bearish and have a significant upwards pull on the NEAR token price. Technical analysis suggests Momentum as ‘buy’ along with EMA. Only MACD level indicates ‘sell’ with all other technicals at ‘neutral’ indication.

Since the beginning of crypto hype, acceptance has been low but by 2030, we expect it to evolve. NEAR platform already has a wide range of applications like Flux, a minting platform for NFT. Seven years from now, we predict an even wider application range which will help take average prices to $7.482.

Near Protocol Price Prediction 2040

Predictions of 2040 for Near Protocol indicate a high price of $16.135 within a slightly bullish market. In case of bearish trends, low price is forecasted at $9.466. NEAR platform is presently enhancing scalability with the help of “Doomslug” mechanism which is expected to improve by 2040.

Moreover, the organization is also consistently working on onboarding new users through NEAR Learn. Check it out for gaining valuable insights on the tokenomics of NEAR cryptocurrency. This can influence the prices of $NEAR in the long run and bring an average value of $12.260.

Near Protocol Price Prediction 2050

Forecasting for Near Protocol in 2050 predicts prices between $21.031 (high) and $15.943 (low) with average trading around $17.043. Technical analysis for long-term suggests a strong uptrend in Moving Average with Momentum and Stochastic %K indicating ‘buy’. Other than MACD level (‘sell’ suggestion), all other indicators show ‘neutral’ signs.

Long-term projections are rarely accurate and come with no assurance. Do your own research on NEAR tokens before taking an investment decision.

Should I Buy Near Protocol?

Near Protocol might be a buy in 2023 only if you are investing with long-term goals. Since prices are quite low, now can be a good time too. However, study of the present market (96% bearish) suggests that there can be a further drop in prices. So, invest in NEAR only when you have researched the cryptocurrency and also have the required risk appetite. 

Realistic Near Protocol Price Prediction

Keeping our expectations realistic, it can be concluded that Near Protocol is still a growing platform. There are further advancements required for competing against bigger players like Tether (cryptocurrency), Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

By 2023, prices can go through a prolonged drop but if certain hurdles are crossed, we can see numbers rising again. Surviving in the long run is also never easy especially for crypto firms, but by 2030 the acceptance rate can also improve where Near Protocol can spread its wings even further. For now, those who are willing to take the risk can study the candlestick chart of NEAR to conduct their analysis. Moreover, keep an eye on the latest NEAR news for taking an investment decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Near Protocol reach $100?

According to our analysis of Near Protocol, it is unlikely to reach $100 anytime soon. Even for the long-term, our forecast suggests a maximum price close to $20 by 2050. There has to be numerous bull rallies or a magical wind of change to make it possible in the near future.

Where to Buy Near Protocol?

You can buy Near Protocol from any cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance after connecting your cryptocurrency wallet to it. Once done, you can easily trade and buy $NEAR and other tokens after making a deposit on the wallet. Platforms of today’s date allow deposits using credit card, debit card, bank transfer, and more.

How does Near Protocol Work?

Near Protocol is a layer-1 blockchain that is used for building decentralized applications. Using a computer network (node),  their platform functions and uses a sharding process to split the network for faster transaction speeds. Moreover, this enhances efficiency on each node and combining such with a community-run cloud, it improves overall interoperability. They also replace cryptographic wallet addresses with readable names which enhances usability and “Doomslug” helps with scalability.

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