In this guide, we will discuss FileCoin (FIL) price prediction in the coming years 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050.

FileCoin drops 48.70% over the past year and prices are found close to $4.31. Should you invest in FileCoin for 2023? Find out in this article as we discuss FileCoin technical analysis, price study, market sentiment and price predictions for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050.

FileCoin found its footing in the decentralized finance world by providing storage and security services. Before its launch in 2019, they raised close to $258 million and used Interplanetary File System (IPFS) for their services which was paid using FileCoin ($FIL). Now, it is backed by a powerful blockchain and uses proof-of-replication along with proof-of-spacetime. As unique and impressive that might sound, it is all decentralized and governed by the FileCoin community.

Now that you have a better understanding of FileCoin use cases, let’s look at the present market stats:

FIL Price (24-h)$4.31 (-2.60%)
FIL Price change (7-d)$4.43 (-2.94%)
FIL Market Cap$1,889,221,010 (1.99%)
FIL Volume (24-h)$90,868,585 (55.61%)
FIL Fear-Greed Index50 (Neutral)
FIL Market Sentiment92% Bearish
FIL Rank#30
FIL all-time-high$191.15
Contract Address0xae3a768f9ab104c69a7cd6041fe16ffa235d1810

Is FileCoin a Good Investment?

According to our combined analysis of Fil Coin, the present market is not favoring this cryptocurrency. The market sentiment around tokens is also hampered somewhere and leads to a questionable future for FileCoin. Along with a negative moving average for short-term, our suggestion is to conduct further research on FileCoin before investing in 2023. For long-term investors, check out our predictions below and conduct your own analysis to find out if FileCoin can be a good investment. 

FileCoin Price History

FileCoin began trading on the cryptocurrency exchange in December 2017 for an initial price of $11.48 and made a 62.45% loss over the years to be found around $4.31 in mid-2023. Below, you can find a brief chart of all historical prices in between this time frame:

DateMin PriceMax Price
Jan 2018$18.412$30.153
Apr 2018$6.813$17.357
Aug 2018$3.096$6.883
Dec 2018$2.306$3.674
Jan 2019$2.650$3.645
Apr 2019$2.137$6.043
Aug 2019$1.829$5.210
Dec 2019$2.961$5.576
Jan 2020$2.784$6.383
Apr 2020$3.034$12.796
Aug 2020$16.082$131.861
Dec 2020$20.046$32.666
Jan 2021$20.907$25.997
Apr 2021$130.213$191.241
Aug 2021$51.609$119.971
Dec 2021$33.148$55.809
Jan 2022$16.885$38.314
Apr 2022$12.433$26.506
Aug 2022$5.552$11.242
Dec 2022$2.678$4.682
Jan 2023$2.997$5.757
Apr 2023$5.0616$6.425

For further details on FileCoin prices, check out the all-time price chart.

FileCoin Price Prediction 2023 to 2050

The following price predictions are made after thorough study of FileCoin fundamentals, their tokenomics, market sentiment and technical analysis. Even so, projections are rarely accurate and not to be considered as financial advice.

DateMin PriceAvg PriceMax Price

FileCoin Price Prediction 2023

Forecasting of File Coin predicts that by the end of 2023, we might witness a maximum price of $5.934 with average trading around $4.406. Analysis of the present market shows that trends are leading towards a bearish sentiment which is restricting higher prices.

Even though volume is quite high, most of its contribution is coming from sellers. Before the year ends, we expect this to change as File Coin is introducing their CC Sector Upgrade which will minimize cost of services. As the token grows, we might see some additional resistance from the market due to SEC crackdowns; their moves have brought serious questions on cryptocurrency’s future.

FileCoin Price Prediction 2024

Predictions for 2024 suggest that File Coin prices might be seen between $8.291 (high) and $4.107 (low). Technical analysis of the present market for short term investment suggests that the moving average is showing poor prospects. All indicators are indicating ‘sell’ signs and even MACD level is valuing at −0.019.

Due to such a poor indication, we cannot hold our hopes too high for 2024 and only hope for a bull run to do its wonders. There can be other factors too which can drive File Coin prices upwards. For example, we all know the environmental effects of cryptocurrency mining and to reduce it, they are partnering with SBS Earth for launching File Coin Green. It is File Coin only, just sustainable.

FileCoin Price Prediction 2025

Forecast of File Coin in 2025 hints prices to reach a maximum high of $11.235 with minimum prices at $6.637. This open source crypto has always had a large influence from its community. And, if the organization is consistent with growth, their efforts can lead to an even larger number. Average prices of File Coin ($FIL) are expected around $8.171.

In the long-run, a strong community backing can immensely help a token to grow. As of now, anyone can join File Coin to store their data or even give that storage as rent to other users. It is quite obvious that many users are renting space on File Coin Network rather than buying. But with a growing community, the trust can spread and play an interesting effect on the supply and demand of storage space. It can help them compete against players like iCloud and Dropbox.

FileCoin Price Prediction 2030

Price predictions for File Coin in 2030 reveals a probable high of $25.713 with a low of $17.406. Since File Coin database stores several confidential information, the security of the network is paramount. We predict that by 2030, huge improvements would be made to ensure that data encryption is at par with the latest technology.

The steps are already being taken and you can keep checking out their governance plans for the far future. Moreover, the organization is also a key player in the decentralized finance department, transaction speed is one of many things in demand here. We are also expecting advancements in that field by the end of 2030 bringing average numbers around $20.997.

FileCoin Price Prediction 2040

Forecasting of File Coin for 2040 suggests prices between $46.652 (high) and $31.956 (low). The growth of fundamentals of File Coin ($FIL) is expected to continue till 2040 and beyond but technical analysis of the present market is doubtful. Stay in touch with the File Coin community for latest updates.

Long-term analysis shows most oscillators in the neutral zone, with MACD level indicating ‘buy’ and Momentum suggesting ‘sell’. On the contrary, Moving averages are showing signs of ‘strong sell’. However, we are also hoping more partnerships to come and greater acceptance as well. Such can lead prices upwards and bring average prices around $37.128.

FileCoin Price Prediction 2050

Prediction for 2050 reveals that File Coin prices can reach a maximum of $81.061, which is not even halfway to its present all-time-high of $191.15. Technical analysis is showing strong signs of long-term growth as MACD level is indicating ‘strong buy’. However, bearish trends can also pull numbers to a low of $66.341.

Making projections for the long run is not always accurate and please consider it as a miniscule information while making investment decisions. Always prefer your analysis over external suggestions. Even so, our forecast suggests that by 2050 average prices of File Coin ($FIL) might be hovering around $72.205. Check out latest news breakouts for taking fast decisions in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Should I buy FileCoin?

Going by our analysis of File Coin, it is not a token worth buying in 2023 especially for short-term investors. Since all indications are leading to a depleting cryptocurrency which will need immense efforts for prices to reverse. Also, relying on a bull rally is probably not the best decision for a calculated investor.

It is advised that you conduct self-analysis and dig deeper into the token if you are still interested. Investing now can still generate returns but our forecast shows that even by 2050, numbers will not reach anywhere close to its ATH. Combining such with a bearish market trend, there are various other tokens with better prospects than File system networks.

Realistic FileCoin Price Prediction

In a much realistic view, FileCoin is presently attempting to climb up but prices are being held by bears of the market. It is highly unlikely for such a bearish market trend to reverse in a short period and investing in it does not seem appealing.

Combining the technical analysis of multiple time frames, it can be concluded that all moving average indicators suggest ‘sell’ signs. Oscillators are also indicating ‘sell’ or ‘neutral’ with only one time frame suggesting ‘buy’. For a token with such poor performance, keeping further hopes is quite a risk. Even so, if you wish to get involved, study the candlestick chart of File Coin and conduct your own analysis before investing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors influence the price of FileCoin?

Prices of File Coin are highly influenced by the fundamental uses of the token, and in the present market it is the native token of File system. You can use this open-source project token for storing data and renting your space to users. The decentralized finance field is also highly influenced by community since trust is a big factor. You will be storing valuable data and of course, you will only do so in a network that you trust. There are even more factors that influence prices like news breakouts, so always keep an eye on that.

How can I buy FileCoin?

You need to have a crypto wallet to store your File Coin ($FIL) after buying it from their platform. Once you have the wallet ready, things are much simpler and you start trading immediately. There are a total of five addresses for File Coin, and you check out this guide for further details.

What are the risks of buying FileCoin?

Just like any cryptocurrency, there is a risk of File Coin crashing in the decentralized exchange and bringing in huge losses to investors. Moreover, if there is a security breach in the File Coin ecosystem, it can bring in total collapse of the organization as it is built on trust. File Coin can also face regulatory issues like Binance and other major firms.

These are some of the many risks involved with File Coin and you should only invest after thorough research. If you are still unsure, seek professional financial advice as our predictions above are only meant for educational purposes.

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