Coinbase fees involve a standard flat fee of 1.0% and changes further due to dynamic fee structure. In this article we would decode all types of fees including Coinbase deposit fee, transaction fee, swap fee, and more.

What are Coinbase Fees?

Coinbase fees consist of similar fees like Binance and Kraken, having a structure like below:

  • Purchase Fees: collected while buying a digital asset.
  • Deposit Fees: collected while making deposit to cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Trading Fees: collected while selling a digital asset.
  • Withdrawal Fees: collected while withdrawing from cryptocurrency wallet.

Crypto trading comes with fees and charges which end up churning a major portion of your investments. Without large transaction volumes it is difficult to get discounts on transactions but there are ways. Read on to find out how these fees are calculated and how you can save costs with simple tricks.

Coinbase Fee Structure: Detailed Breakdown

Coinbase fees are slightly more complicated due to the wide range of varying costs. Beginner traders can begin on the regular plan and do just fine but if you want to deal with large volumes, Coinbase Advanced could be a helpful program. Both have their significant fee structures and calculations.

Below, you can find a brief Coinbase fee structure before jumping into the details:

Stage 1: Deposit

  • 0% to 4.49% deposit fees are charged for fiat currency.

Stage 2: Trade

  • 0% to 0.5% trading and transaction fee for Coinbase Advanced users.
  • 0.5% to 4.5% as trading fee for regular users with a transaction size above $200.
  • $0.99 flat fee for transactions below $10, and till $25 it is $1.49.
  • Between $25 and $50 transaction size, a $1.99 fee is charged.
  • Trading fee of $2.99 for all transactions between the range of $50 and $200.
  • 0.5% spread fee is applicable along with other dynamic charges.

Stage 3: Withdraw

  • 0.0% to 4.49% withdrawal fee depending upon the fiat, cryptocurrency, and region.

What is Maker or Taker in Coinbase?

Similar to Binance, we see a maker-or-taker approach from Coinbase. It is simply differentiating the effect of the transaction on the cryptocurrency exchange. When volume is added to the market, the transaction type is ‘maker’ and the vise-versa is ‘taker’. The only real difference from segregation comes when calculating the fees.

Note: All kinds of fee rates mentioned below are subject to change and we insist you to check out the latest Coinbase pricing and fees before investing.

What Are Coinbase Trading Fees?

Coinbase trading fees initiate with a transaction fee ranging between 0.06% to 0.60% with dynamic aspects. After the maker-taker rule is applied to your pending transaction, your pricing tier is considered into the calculation. Higher the tier is, the lower are the trading fees. Let’s look at a few possible situations to help you understand:

  • You place an order and you get an immediate match: transaction is made instantly with a ‘taker’ status and fees between 0.05% and 0.06% are added.
  • You place an order and it is held for a match: transaction takes place when a match is found and due to ‘maker’ status you pay 0.00% to 0.40% fees.
  • Partial order gets a match with rest holding in order book: transaction is made on the portion which gets immediate match and you pay the ‘taker’ fee, while remaining order calculates the ‘maker’ fee when a match is found.

Below you can find a detailed table with maker-and-taker fees for each transaction tier:

TierTransaction VolumeMaker FeeTaker Fee
Tier 1$0K to $10K0.60%0.40%
Tier 2$10K to $50K0.40%0.25%
Tier 3$50K to $100K0.25%0.15%
Tier 4$100K to $1M0.20%0.10%
Tier 5$1M to $15M0.18%0.08%
Tier 6$15M to $75M0.16%0.06%

Check out Coinbase Exchange Fees for further details on recent prices.

Coinbase Deposit/Withdrawal Fees

Coinbase deposit and withdrawal fees range between 0% and 4.49%. When you are choosing cash as a transaction method, the fees could add up quickly. The rates vary from time to time depending on the market behavior and transaction volume.

Coinbase has no charges for opening an account but except for ACH deposits, all other methods come with a certain fee attached. Below you can find a detailed table with present rates:

Payment MethodDeposit FeesWithdrawal Fees
Wire Transfer$10$25
SEPA€0.15 EURFree
SwiftFree£1 GBP
Debit Card3.99%3.99%
Apple Pay3.99%3.99%
Google Pay3.99%3.99%

Note: The above rates are related to fiat deposits and withdrawals only, the total fees would also include trading fees and other service charges, if applicable.

What are Coinbase Deposit Fees?

Coinbase deposit fees can vary based on several factors such as your region and transaction volume. However, average charges are mostly found between 0% and 4.49% while making a fiat deposit on Coinbase.

How Much Does Coinbase Charge to Withdraw?

Coinbase withdrawal charges are free for ACH method and SEPA. Other transaction types have ever-changing rates, thus it is suggested to check out Coinbase Fees for latest updates. According to the present rates, if you wish to trade on Coinbase, and make a wire transfer on $1000 deposit, you would be able to trade with $9840 only. As $10 goes as deposit charges and another additional 1.49% as transaction fees, totaling to around $160 in fees.

After completion of trade, let us assume that wallet balance has increased to $1400 from earnings. Coinbase withdrawal fees are added when you wish to cash out this amount. For wire transfer, a standard $25 is charged leaving you $1375. Approximately $200 is paid as fees for $1000 investment with $375 as profits.

Are there any other hidden Coinbase fees?

No, there are no other hidden charges to Coinbase but certain additional fees could be incurred in your transaction. It is subjective from numerous factors which include ever-changing fee rates, transaction volume, and more. Read on to find out further details on such additional Coinbase fees.

Coinbase Transaction Fee

Coinbase transaction fees are a combination of various factors and calculated after the user has requested an order on the book. Some of the varying factors include:

  • A standard flat fee of 1%
  • Applicable spread
  • Transaction volume
  • Market volatility
  • Market liquidity
  • Miner fees

Based on your transaction volume, apart from the deposit fees, the following charges are included in the total fees:

Transaction AmountCoinbase Fees

Coinbase Staking Fee

Coinbase does not charge any direct fees for staking but does have a commission structure on staking rewards. A standard charge of 35% is applicable for ADA, ATOM, MATIC, SOL, and DOT. For Ethereum, 25% is the fee and Coinbase One members get a discount, having to pay only 26.3% commission. In the event of staking promotions, further discounts may be applicable but regardless, no fees are charged out of your pocket.

Coinbase Swap Fee

Coinbase charges no fee for token swap as users cannot do so on the regular exchange and are routed towards 0x. It is a DEX aggregator for Coinbase and they impose a fee of 0.1% based on your converted crypto token. Network fees are also included as charges, which is dynamic from network difficulty, updating rates, and mining cost.

What is Coinbase Advanced?

Coinbase Advanced is slightly detailed, meant for experienced traders who can interact directly with the order book. It is a much easier yet complicated way to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies on Coinbase. Users get access to tools like TradingView, cryptocurrency staking, crypto wallet and more.

There are no subscription fees or whatsoever to Coinbase Advanced, and simply an upgrade from the previous offering, Coinbase Pro. Below are some of the features found in Coinbase Advanced which are helpful for experienced traders:

  • Depth chart: a visual representation of order book
  • Price chart: data of historical price alterations
  • Order panel: helps with order placements
  • Time range: adjust the chart time range
  • Order book: shows recent order history
  • Open order: reveals pending orders
  • Market indicators: helps study the market

Users who are looking forward to an in-depth analysis of a token can use Coinbase Advanced for research and trading as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Coinbase Charge Fees for Staking?

Coinbase lets users stake on the platform free of charges but takes a 35% cut from your reward earnings as a staking commission.

Coinbase is legal in which countries?

Coinbase is supported throughout 30 plus countries including Switzerland, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, and Italy.

What are Coinbase Card fees?

Coinbase card is issued for no additional costs and even has no transaction fee. The card can be used for ATM withdrawals and in that instance, the ATM operator company might have a service fee.

Are Coinbase Fees High?

Coinbase fees are slightly on the higher side and other exchanges offer much competitive fees= structures. However, Coinbase is a trustworthy name among cryptocurrency exchanges and could be helpful for beginners.

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