ChainLink prices at presently $6.20, should you invest or wait for reversal? Find out in this blog where we discuss our analysis on ChainLink (LINK) with price predictions for 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050.

ChainLink Labs is the place where $LINK began in 2017, as co-founders, Sergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis wished to create a network of smart contracts. Rightfully, they did so with a decentralized network blockchain called ChainLink which can connect, interact, operate, and transfer data.

Before jumping into the price predictions and analysis, here’s a few basic of ChainLink:

Price$6.20 (2.00%)
Volume (24h)$123,919,297 (10.90%)
Market Cap$3,336,328,877 (2.01%)
Circulating Supply538,099,970 LINK (54%)
Max Supply1,000,000,000 LINK

Is ChainLink a Good Investment?

ChainLink is projected to grow in coming years and present day investors have a strong chance of making profit as prices are at record-low. Being the first blockchain to integrate off-chain data and smart contracts, the token is one-of-a-kind. Even so, technical analysis of the present market suggests 55% bearish.

Invest in ChainLink only after conducting deep research of the cryptocurrency and testing your risk appetite. Since, cryptocurrencies are volatile (finance) investments, prices can alter and also skyrocket.

Check out our predictions made below for having a clearer idea on ChainLink before investing.

ChainLink Price History

Since ChainLink was introduced in late 2017, at the decentralized exchange of cryptocurrency, prices were witnessed at $0.1891. It took a while for the token to uptrend and crossed the dollar-barrier in early 2019. Thereafter, $LINK traversed to an all-time-high of $49.55 in May 2021.

Below is a brief table of historical prices of ChainLink for further details:

DateMin PriceMax Price
Dec 2017$0.163$0.723
Apr 2018$0.244$0.595
Aug 2018$0.220$0.348
Dec 2018$0.196$0.345
Apr 2019$0.425$0.605
Aug 2019$1.748$2.722
Dec 2019$1.655$2.299
Apr 2020$2.161$3.963
Aug 2020$7.474$19.851
Dec 2020$8.509$41.796
Apr 2021$29.261$44.400
Aug 2021$21.422$30.479
Dec 2021$15.549$26.920
Apr 2022$10.914$18.289
Aug 2022$6.233$9.443
Dec 2022$5.413$7.776
Apr 2023$6.806$8.728

ChainLink Price Prediction 2023 to 2050

ChainLink price predictions given below are calculated after conducting research on the fundamentals and technicals of the token. After a quick chart, you can find detailed predictions for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050.

YearMin PriceAvg PriceMax Price

ChainLink Price Prediction 2023

Forecast of ChainLink prices by the end of 2023 suggests numbers between $7.164 (high) and $5.413 (low). It is expected that the organization will take additional steps for flipping prices before the year ends. While we are past midpoint (July 2023), ChainLink recently partnered with finance firm, Swift which is going to be revolutionary for on-chain finance.

By the later part of this year, we might witness some gains coming in from advancements like this. If the team is consistent with their efforts, we can find average prices around $6.703. As for technical analysis, the Exponential Moving Average (10) suggests ‘buy’ signs with a value of 6.168.

ChainLink Price Prediction 2024

Price predictions for ChainLink in 2024 hints numbers to reach a high of $22.572 with average trading price of $11.076. The cryptocurrency has a possibility of reaching such a high primarily due to the bull rally.

Experts have suggested numerous times that like 2021, we will witness another bull run. But, as SEC crackdowns started, it is said to be delayed. It is not likely for it to take place in the present market, so our projections are set for early 2024. In bearish trends, we might see $LINK prices at a low of $9.654.

ChainLink Price Prediction 2025

Predictions for ChainLink prices in 2025 reveals that it might have a high and low of $21.189 and $10.016 respectively. As the organization is growing with their range of services and products, they have the attention of numerous data providers. Alpha Vantage and Huobi are some of such names.

By 2025, it is predicted that more partnerships are going to take place which is going to benefit more than one. ChainLink will not only gain valuable data from these providers but also expand brand and earn trust of users. We might even see average numbers rise to $17.658 and maintain it for the coming future.

ChainLink Price Prediction 2030

Price predictions of ChainLink for 2030 is forecasted to reach a maximum high of $29.656 with a minimum low of $21.942. While we are making predictions seven years in the future, in the present day, ChainLink primarily relies on data for the success of their blockchain.

Forecast suggests that to sustain till 2030, the organization will need to introduce more DeFi applications.Additionally, the team is also building their community and recently announced SmartCon 2023 in Barcelona.

Such events are extremely fruitful for growing organizations and if it continues, we can see average prices set at $26.891.

ChainLink Price Prediction 2040

Forecast for ChainLink prices in 2040 reveals that $LINK can break its present ATH ( $49.55) and touch $47.824. In bearish conditions, we might even witness a low of $34.640 with average values hovering somewhere around $39.049.

Since SEC has laid a target on crypto firms due to regulatory issues, the world of Web3 is transforming and a new age is predicted for 2040. We might even see multiple bull rallies, but due to any lack of evidence in the present market, we are not stressing too much over it.

ChainLink Price Prediction 2050

For 2050, predictions of ChainLink suggest a maximum high of $58.213 with lowest prices around $41.408. Cryptocurrencies are still fairly new and not many people are invested in it if we compare it to the traditional stock market. By 2050, such might change and average prices of $LINK can rise to $49.827.

Even so, it is quite challenging to make accurate predictions at such a large stretch, so please take our forecast as a grain of salt while making investment decisions.

Should I Buy ChainLink?

Analysis of the present market is fairly neutral for the crypto token and altcoins such as ChainLink are quite volatile. Our predictions also suggest investors to buy $LINK while prices are low, there is no assurance of growth.

So, invest in ChainLink after validating your risk appetite and conducting even deeper research. The predictions mentioned above are not a replacement for financial advice.

Realistic ChainLink Price Prediction

Realistic predictions of ChainLink can be made using the candlestick chart, which also gives us access to indicators. Using it, our technical analysis concludes Exponential Moving Average indicating a value of 6.175, a sign of a sell in short-term. The Relative Strength Index is valued at 50.068 in the neutral zone.

So, any sudden jumps are not expected in the coming times. Analysis for the long run, reveals RSI once again in neutral at 45.550 but EMA is suggesting strong sell at 6.252.

If you are planning to invest long-term in ChainLink, you might want to reconsider and conduct more research. Even though it still seems investable for quick banks, ChainLink does not seem to be the best choice in our eyes.

Disclaimer: all predictions and analysis of ChainLink made above are not financial advice and meant for entertainment and educational reasons only.

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