Best Crypto Wallet Reddit Users Recommended 2023

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Finding the best crypto wallet is next to impossible task as there are numerous wallets performing the same or similar functions. To make your task easy, after reading this article you can definitely find a wallet that you can trust with your assets.

The list contains the best crypto wallets according to real-time Reddit users. These are the wallets that are tried and tested by the Reddit users. The article also mentions their pros and cons so that you can make a wise decision.

Best Crypto Wallet Reddit Users Recommended 2023

1. Ledger Nano X

The top pick for the majority of Reddit users is the Ledger Nano X, a hardware wallet that can store up to 1,500 types of coins.

The wallet is typically the size of a USB drive and keeps your assets secure even if user data gets leaked. The latest model of the wallet has Bluetooth connectivity to get access through other devices. Although there have been cases of security breaches the majority of Reddit users trust Ledger.

A Reddit thread mentions that even if the user data is compromised, the wallet will still remain secure. There are two models of Ledger wallet, the ledger Nano X costs around $119 whereas the Nano S costs around $59.

2. Trezor Model T

Trezor is another hardware wallet popular among Reddit users. There does not exist any Reddit thread that talks about crypto wallets and does not mention Trezor. The wallet holds a decent number of cryptocurrencies of various types.

To use Trezor, you need to plug in the device into your computer like any other hardware wallet. Reddit users rate Trezor at the top for its customer service. Despite being an open source platform there are no complaints regarding hacking activities to date.

A Reddit user mentions Trezor stating it is not a cheap crypto toy, as the wallet costs around $159 for the T model whereas $59 for the ‘one’ model.

3. Coldcard

Coldcard is a unique hardware wallet that comes with a true air gap feature that does not require to be connected to any device.

The device looks like a calculator and has the capacity to store Bitcoin of any length or character. Many Reddit users claim that Coldcard is like a wall between the owner and the hacker, as there is no possibility of hacking. 

The only major drawback of Coldcard is it works only for Bitcoin and not other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. which limits the user base of the wallet.

A Reddit user also claims that there is some problem with the keys 5 and 8 as they don’t work on a single press. The high cost of the wallet is another major concern as it costs around $119.9 for a single unit.

4. Exodus Wallet

Exodus Wallet is a highly rated and trusted hot wallet among Redditors. The best part about this wallet is it can work on almost all categories of devices.

The wallet is free to install, mobile users can install the Exodus app whereas the PC users can either use the extension or the website to transact. Interestingly, the Exodus wallet can also be used with Trezor, thereby giving hardware wallet users a scope to shift. 

Various Reddit threads criticize Exodus Wallet due to its closed source which does not allow its user to check the source code and verify its security. Another area of concern is the absence of two-factor authentication which ensures the safety of your assets.

5. My Ether Wallet

Reddit users with an interest in Ethereum, find My Ether wallet as the most reliable and user-friendly platform. The wallet claims to be the official Ethereum wallet which ensures the safety and security of your assets.

There are two ways to access the wallet, for desktop users, there is an Enkrypt extension using which you can access your wallet. For mobile users, the My Ether wallet app is available on the Google Play store as well as the Apple App Store.

The only major drawback of the wallet is that it deals only in Ethereum-based crypto coins and does not accept other Altcoins. Few Reddit users also believe that the platform is susceptible to phishing which also puts it in a questionable position.

6. Atomic Wallet

Redditors consider Atomic Wallet as an easy-to-use multi-asset wallet with enhanced privacy and security.

Atomic Wallet is a software wallet with availability on both mobile and desktop. You can store, swap, and exchange more than 500 types of crypto assets. The wallet does not require a special skill or knowledge to operate, it is suitable for both beginners as well as expert crypto investors. 

Recently many Reddit users in various threads are talking about errors in block transactions which results in the wallet suffering loss of users. Another drawback of the wallet is its incompatibility with hardware wallets, unlike Exodus wallet which is also compatible with hardware wallets.

7. SafePal Crypto Wallet

SafePal is a unique hardware as well as software wallet that allows you to store the majority of cryptocurrencies. The best part about this wallet is you can use it on your mobile, laptop, or PC, and also as a form of hard wallet.

They also offer swapping, cross-exchange, etc. to give you ample opportunities to make money. You can also buy crypto using debit and credit cards in this wallet. The only concern relating to this wallet is the security of its hardware version. Many Redditors claim that the wallet is prone to security breaches.

8. Metamask Wallet

Metamask is one of the popular cold wallet choices among Reddit users. The wallet is non-custodial and gives you complete control of the private keys.

Your wallets are secure with your password and the only way to reset them is with a passphrase that ensures complete security of your assets. The wallet is available as a mobile app and also as a browser extension. Interestingly you can also store NFTs in your wallet without paying any account or maintenance fees.

There are also a few concerns associated with the wallet; the most concerning is the non-acceptance of the Bitcoin network. Also, it uses third-party platforms to process fiat money which is also concerning.

9. Coinbase wallet

Coinbase is another non-custodial wallet that is very popular among Redditors. The wallet is easy to download and install and is free of cost.

You can store all of your crypto assets and also NFTs in this wallet. Transferring assets using Coinbase is very simple as you can transfer just using a username instead of a complete address. Many Reddit threads criticize the exorbitant transaction fees for wallet users.

Another drawback is the limited compatibility of NFTs, you can only send, and receive Ethereum and Polygon NFTs. Coinbase lags behind its competitors also because of poor customer service. Various Reddit threads mention that the resolution process and customer treatment are not up to mark.


The number of wallets available on the internet is endless but finding the best wallet is no more a difficult task. The above-mentioned list contains the best hot and cold crypto wallets according to Reddit users. We hope you will analyze the wallets and decide accordingly that fits best for you.

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