With the launch of new cryptocurrencies on a daily basis it is very difficult for you to decide which Crypto to buy. Therefore, we are here with an exhaustive list of cryptocurrencies prepared by analyzing numerous Reddit threads. The list contains the top picks by Reddit users and you can make investments in these crypto coins to earn huge profits.

Best Crypto to Buy Right Now Reddit

1. Solana

Solana is one of the top picks of Redditors due to its 135% increase in value in the first four weeks of 2023. Users trust Solana due to its established position in the market.

There are several projects that are being built on the Solana Blockchain which shows the security and trust in the coin. Solana is also popular due to its fast transaction speed which is around 65000 TPS which is very rare. For NFT purposes Solana is among the faster options with low fees. 

There are also some concerns with Solana with inflation being the primary one. Solana did not fix its supply and plans to increase it by 8% annually. Apart from this network stability is also one thing that Solana should work on.

2. Ethereum

Ethereum is the largest and the most popular altcoin according to Reddit. With a market cap of more than $230 million, it is currently the second largest crypto coin available in the market.

Apart from its market value, Ethereum is also known as a trusted player for the purpose of smart contracts and decentralized apps. The coin is on its way to its zenith with the growth of decentralized financing and NFTs built on the Ethereum network.

Many Reddit users criticize Ethereum for engaging in small transactions and charging high fees. Recently, Ethereum 2.0 was launched to reduce its energy consumption and environmental impact. The current price of Ethereum is $1629.85 USD per unit.

3. BTC20

BTC20 is a popular crypto coin that works on an eco-friendly proof of stake method. Redditors are likely to invest in BTC20 due to its 100% decentralization as it offers 100% of holdings to the public.

The total cap is set at 21 million out of which 6.05 million tokens were available in the Pre-sale at a price of $1 each.

BTC20 is more popular among Reddit users who have some stake in Bitcoins as it is more of an alternative to Bitcoin considering its position in its early phase. Interestingly, BTC20 will release its total cap in a span of 120 years which makes it more valuable and can be a serious investment for crypto enthusiasts.

4. Wall Street memes

Wall Street meme is the talk of the hour on Reddit as currently, it has been on a pre-sale period since 26th May. There are high chance that the coin will be available on tier 1 crypto exchanges within a week or two.

The pre-sale is a 30-stage process, with each stage the prices keep on increasing which shows that early investors are definitely going to reap benefits. The total cap for the WSM coin is 2 billion where 50% of it is available in the pre-sale period.

Although the coin is doing good in the market, buyers are still hesitant due to the volatility of meme coins. Since it is also a meme coin let’s see how well it performs after the exchange launch.

5. Chimpzee

Recently Reddit was full of threads appreciating this unique coin that not only enables buyers to earn benefits but also to contribute to the environment. Chimpzee empowers you to make a positive impact along with a passive income.

The coin is the first that pays a share of trading fee profits to its active holders. There is also an NFT passport, if you hold the NFT passport, you can get more profits.

Chimpzee also carries out charity contributions including a $15k donation to WILD organization to save elephants and 1200 tree plantations. The coin is at a 4-stage presale period where the price increases with each stage. 

6. Bitcoin BSC

With its pre-sale starting on  5th September,2023 Bitcoin BSC is gaining popularity on Reddit. Many Reddit users often lament on not purchasing Bitcoin at its launch price back in 2011, this coin comes more as a reviving thing. Interestingly, the coin is the same price as the launch price of Bitcoin but works on the BNB smart chain. 

The BNB smart chain offers staking rewards every 10 minutes to the stakeholders. There will be a total of 21,000,000 coins out of which 14.455,000 is reserved for staking rewards for a period of 120 years. 

7. yPredict

With its claim as a token empowering the World’s first All in one AI ecosystem, the coin has become a subject of talk on Reddit. The yPredict platform uses AI to provide in-depth insights to crypto traders and enthusiasts.

The platform also gives predictions regarding other cryptocurrencies using data and AI. Interestingly, the main purpose of the YPRED coin is the payment of subscription fees for the predictions and analysis.

But you can also use the coin as a stake to earn high yields. The coin has a market cap of 100 million and is currently priced at $0.01 in the pre-sale stage.

8. eTukTuk

eTukTuk is another sustainable cryptocurrency popular among Redditors. The coin aims to build a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles across the globe. The coin is on the name of a vehicle i.e. eTuktuk which is a more affordable and reliable alternative to traditional tuktuks.

The coin holders can also use the coin to pay at eTuktuk charging stations and earn rewards. The coin is currently at a pre-sale stage and costs around $0.024 per unit.

The pre-sale period includes 12.5% of the overall supply of 2 billion tokens. Interestingly, the chances of profit-making increase with an increase in the adoption of EVs and usage of EV charging stations. 

9. BNB

BNB is the native token of the largest crypto exchange player Binance. The coin has huge popularity among Reddit users due to its shift from the Ethereum blockchain to the Binance smart chain.

The token has the utility of maintaining the Binance exchange and the token holders use it to settle payments on Binance.

The BNB token holders get a discount of 25% on all spot trading fees. You can also use the BNB token for staking purposes to earn a decent passive income and rewards. The coin currently has a market cap of $38 billion making it the 4th largest crypto coin in the world.


These are the top crypto to buy right now according to Reddit users. If you are new to the crypto world or not keeping yourself up to date on crypto, then this article will definitely help you.

I hope after reading this article you are now investing in the best cryptocurrencies that are worth buying right now.

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