In this guide, we will discuss Aptos (APT) price prediction in the coming years 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050.

Aptos made an 18.34% price drop over the past year and is presently priced at $6.85. Should you invest in 2023 or later? Read on to find out fundamental and technical analysis of Aptos. We will also discuss Aptos (APT) price prediction for 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050.

Aptos made its mainnet launch in October 2022 after raising $200 million in March. Venture capital firms like Andreessen Horowitz, Multicoin Capital, and Tiger Global were all part of this seed round. This Layer-1 blockchain is popular for its Web3 adoption mechanism where building and using dApps (decentralized applications) are much smoother. This is due to a programming language ‘Move’ (initially built at Facebook Meta) and even grabbed larger attention in their second seeding round in July 2022 raising $150 million more.

Binance also showed interest in Aptos by making undisclosed investments raising the company valuation to $4 billion. Using proof-of-stake, Aptos blockchain can make 150,000 transactions per second. For such an impressive blockchain, engaging in it will require $APT and below are the token fundamentals in the present market:

Price$6.85 (-1.39%)
Price change (7-d)-2.89%
Volume (24-h)$119,991,273 (43.22%)
Market Cap$1,499,912,765 (-1.44%)
Circulating Supply218,790,779 APT
Total Supply1,047,899,477 APT

Is Aptos a Good Investment?

Analysis of the present market suggests that Aptos is not a good investment since the market sentiment is 77% bearish. Even more, prices have been dropping since February 2023 and heavy bear pull can bring prices even lower. Thus, short-term investment might not be the best decision and long-term study also shows a similar picture. Cryptocurrencies are volatile (finance) investments and prices can traverse in either direction. So, invest in Aptos only after conducting self-research on the crypto token. Also, keep a close eye on recent news breakouts to always make an informed decision.

Aptos Price History

Aptos entered the cryptocurrency exchange in October 2022 for an opening price of $8.5482 and presently hovers close to $6.85, a loss of 18.23%. Below is a brief table containing all-time historical prices of Aptos.

DateMin PriceMax Price
October 2022$7.029$9.790
November 2022$3.598$8.295
December 2022$3.087$5.402
January 2023$3.418$18.682
February 2023$11.593$18.625
March 2023$9.771$14.568
April 2023$9.606$13.419
May 2023$7.780$10.392
June 2023$5.717$9.410
July 2023$6.837$8.302
August 2023$6.839$7.065

For further details on Aptos prices, check out this price chart and conduct your own price analysis.

Aptos Price Prediction 2023 to 2050

Aptos price predictions forecast that prices can reach a maximum of $52.646 between 2023 and 2050. Read our detailed analysis followed by a brief table containing projected prices for coming years.

YearMin PriceAvg PriceMax Price

Aptos Price Prediction 2023

Predictions for Aptos prices in 2023 forecasts that prices can reach a maximum high of $8.164 with a minimum low of $5.826. Technical analysis reveals that the moving average of Aptos is indicating ‘strong buy’ which is often a sign of prices dropping. On the contrary, there is a high probability of a bull run by the end of year which can drive Aptos prices much higher than our speculation. If the SEC crackdowns slow down soon, average trading is predicted to be hovering around $6.613.

Aptos Price Prediction 2024

Forecasting of Aptos prices for 2024 indicates market trend taking numbers to a high of $11.205 with a low of $6.287. The creators of Aptos, Mo Shaikh (CEO) and Avery Ching (CTO) were both formerly associated with Meta and hold immense experience in the Web3 and blockchain domain. Team Aptos comprises more brilliant minds from large tech giants and we expect further innovations from them. By 2024, average prices of $APT are forecasted around $7.469

Aptos Price Prediction 2025

Price prediction of Aptos indicates a surge in 2025 leading prices between $12.587 (high) and $8.351 (low). Technical analysis of the present market is slightly positive for 2025 as oscillators such as Relative strength index indicate ‘neutral’ sign with Momentum suggesting ‘buy’. Even though it is not a clear sign but only a speculation of average prices uptrending to $9.270. Aptos is also penetrating other markets like NFT (non-fungible token) and presently holds close to 100,000,000 items on Aptos NFTScan.

Aptos Price Prediction 2030

Forecasting for 2030 shows that Aptos can reach a maximum price of $22.376, which will be a new all-time-high for the token. Bearish trends can also bring values to a low of $17.763. In 2023, Aptos is ground-breaking for processing 150,000 transactions per second when top blockchains like Ethereum have a rate of 15 transactions in a second. This huge jump in performance can be a key price deciding factor in the long-run. Investors of Aptos can expect average prices in 2030 to be around $20.046.

Aptos Price Prediction 2040

Forecast of Aptos prices in 2040 suggest prices to be found between $28.981 (high) and $21.942 (low). Being a new cryptocurrency there is already a strong community backing up the token. By 2040, we predict it to grow larger in size and introduce more valuable products. It is still unknown, but we might also witness multiple bull rallies in this time which can take prices even higher. Analysis of the present market forecasts an average price of $24.603 in 2040.

Aptos Price Prediction 2050

Long-term forecasting of Aptos for 2050 indicates a high and low price of $52.646 and $34.406 respectively. In the present day, Aptos blockchain is making high-speed transactions possible due to a mechanism called Block-STM and Byzantine Fault-tolerant (BFT) consensus. This allows parallel execution of various transactions within the blockchain. It is much easier for dApps built in Aptos blockchain to upgrade and scale their decentralized applications and by 2050, we are expecting much more from the team. Average prices are predicted to be close to $37.380 and find recent updates at Aptos Currents.

Should I Buy Aptos?

Even though Aptos is an innovative product in the present Web3 world, the market trend is not supporting its growth. As an investor, you can either look at it as a perfect opportunity to barge in the buzz. Our suggestion is to take some time to observe and study this token before putting your money in it. The Aptos predictions made above are only meant for entertainment purposes and not to be considered as financial advice.

Realistic Aptos Price Prediction

In a much more realistic view, Aptos is a growing cryptocurrency and has not been around for a year also. Undoubtedly, it is highly volatile in the present market and talks in the town are happening around it. So, there is an equally strong chance of growth or failure and only time can say for sure.

Even so, technical analysis for short-term and long-term suggests prices dropping further in the near future. In a weekly time frame, both Momentum and MACD level are showing negative signs with Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicating neutral signs. Moving averages for most time frames are also indicating ‘sell’ or ‘strong sell’ and a lot is required to reverse numbers. A bull rally can be that weapon but since it is uncertain, we cannot make any assurance.

Conduct your own analysis by studying the candlestick chart of Aptos. Since the supply and demand ratio of Aptos is also very low right now, it might not be a key factor in 2023 but for long-term goals, do consider it into your research.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Buy Aptos?

For buying Aptos you will need to connect to a crypto wallet and log into any cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance or Coinbase. You can also trade it for fiat currencies like Tether and USD Coin on the same platform.

Will Aptos Go Up?

Aptos has a possibility of going up in prices and our predictions also suggest the same. However, technical analysis contradicts slightly due to present bearish market sentiment. Such is expected to change and bring in profits for Aptos investors.

Can Aptos Reach $100?

According to our analysis and prediction of Aptos, there is very little chance of prices touching $100. Forecast suggests that by 2050, maximum values can reach up to $52.646 but in case of a bull run, numbers can easily reach $100 and go even higher.

Can Aptos Reach $1000?

No, Aptos cannot reach $1000 even by 2050 and it is highly unlikely for it to reach such numbers. Aptos will need to make 166 times jump in order to make it possible and even though cryptocurrencies have previously proven to do so, there is no assurance that Aptos can do it too. We will need to wait a little longer to get more hints on the probable growth of Aptos in the coming future.

What are the Risks Related to Aptos?

Aptos is a risky investment like other cryptocurrencies and there is always a probability of it crashing. We have seen such happen previously with FTX, but there are no signs of such happening in the present market.

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